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20th December 2004 By Graham P. Smith

It’s that time of the year again folks where we rush around trying to find the last Danny Dinosaur for our little Jordans! It’s going to seem a longer than usual Christmas for our fellow Millennium fans in the US and Canada who are eagerly awaiting the New Year, in particular the 4th of January when Millennium: The Complete Second Season will receive its long awaited release on Region 1 DVD format.

There are 14 days remaining Frank, and even less tomorrow. MDUK will bring you news of that vital Region 1 Season Three release as soon as we have it. So Millennium fans in the UK and elsewhere if you have a copy, be sure to watch Midnight of The Century and perhaps Omerta at some point this week.

Millennium Desktop UK will receive an updated makeover in the New Year most likely around springtime, I have lots of plans to introduce and make use of several new technologies to help improve the site and intend to give MDUK a lot more factual detail on the Millennium series and as always it will be an ongoing process.

This Is Who We Are will also shortly be undergoing an upgrade to the latest version of its platform which will introduce several enhancements and innovations for Millennium fans to take advantage of. The Elders who moderate and help run TIWWA have done an excellent job throughout the life time of the website and I wish them all a fantastic Christmas and thank them for their volunteered and continued support. TIWWA now has almost 850 Members, over 20,000 message posts and Membership has been rapidly climbing since the release of Millennium onto DVD format, with one member in particular being responsible for over 3000 posts herself; and no it i‘ me!

We are currently discussing new forums and ideas and I have some special plans for TIWWA too. I"m also currently deep into the process of creating a new skin for the next version of This Is Who We Are, TIWWA v3.0 if you like which should be ready for implementation during the Christmas Holidays, similar to last year‘s upgrade which took place at this time of year.

If you haven"t signed up at TIWWA yet, I urge you to take the plunge, it‘s free, contains no adverts, pop-ups or ad banners and is a very friendly and welcoming environment for all Millennium fans. You don"t have to be an expert on the show and you don"t have to feel pressured to get into every discussion on the series. Register now and say hello in our welcome Forum, you"ll have full access to all the forums Guests don"t normally see and you"ll find yourself soon discussing one of television‘s finest treasures, Millennium.

‘ like to wish all visitors and supporters of Millennium Desktop UK and This Is Who We Are a very special Christmas and wonderful New Year.

I"ll leave you for now to consider the words of the Millennium Group‘s Peter Watts:

You know that for almost the entire history of Western civilization, this month has been a holy time? The Druids, winter solstice, Hanukkah; the Romans converted Saturnalia into Christmas. Imagine that: Christ wa‘ even born on this day, maybe not even 1,997 years ago. So no one knows for sure when the Millennium really begins and ends. Or how much time is left. It’s Midnight of the Century.

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