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13th May 2005 By Graham P. Smith

UK based viewers will soon be able to enjoy the new NBC series Revelations (Sky One 17th May 9pm). The series has so far proved a hit with other Millennium fans based in the US and has been promoted over recent weeks with Millennium style biblical quotes appearing during commercial breaks on the Sky Satellite TV network.

There are 6 episodes in Season 1 and it's current status is "yet to be renewed". Revelations premiers on Sky One Tuesday 17th May @ 9pm with Dead Like Me moving to 10pm on the same day.


(From NBC's press release) Bill Pullman ("Independence Day") stars as a scientist faced with the toughest personal, professional and philosophical challenges of his life. Dr. Richard Massey is searching for reasonable explanations -- to explain signs that seem to indicate the apocalyptic end as foretold in Scriptures is in motion. To save humanity, Massey will have to let go of scientific facts and embrace faith. His first step in his quest to conquer the impending evil is to align himself with a nun (Natascha McElhone, "Solaris") whose devout beliefs are unshakeable.

Despite many obstacles, including their own fears and doubts, the two remain determined to prove that Man can regain control of fate. Time is literally running out in their thrilling, fast-paced race around the globe to thwart Armageddon -- and restore hope.

Michael Massee ("Se7en"), newcomers Chelsea and Britney Coyle and Tobin Bell ("The Road to El Dorado") also star.

"Revelations" is a production of Pariah. Vivian Cannon and Jessika Borsiczky will oversee the project for Pariah.

"Revelations" is directed by David Semel (NBC's "American Dreams").

Millennium fans have been discussing this new series at the This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board and so far have not criticised it for being a Millennium rip off but have complemented on its story lines and style.

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