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27th July 2005 By Graham P. Smith

Actor Terry O"Quinn.

The countdown has begun to one of the most anticipated news dramas from the US which will provide actor Terry O"Quinn (Millennium's Peter Watts) mainstream access into the homes of British television fans, helping to bolster the long overdue credit and success that this talented actor deserves. Terry O"Quinn who has already received the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series, has since been nominated in the forthcoming 57th annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony to be held on Sunday, September 18th, again in the best supporting actor category.

Actor Terry O"Quinn as John Locke.

Channel 4 has finally set a date for the premiere of Lost in the UK. Lost will screen commencing Wednesday August 10th 2005 at it's premiere 10pm late evening spot, currently held by Desperate Housewives. Also akin to Desperate Housewives, new episodes of Lost will premiere on sister channel E4 immediately after the Channel 4 episode ends. Channel 4 has already kick-started it's promotional campaign in cinema theatres and intends to launch TV teaser commercials shortly.

Channel 4 has commenced a huge marketing campaign for new US drama Lost in the run up to it's première. The cult show, which follows a group of survivors after their plane crashes on a mysterious island, has been a ratings success in the States, where it draws more than 16 million viewers each week. C4 originally planned to air the series in the UK from January, but then decided to postpone transmission until the summer following the success of another new US drama, Desperate Housewives. The network was also keen to hold back in order to get the cast involved in the promotional campaign, which was shot on location in Hawaii last March. Describing the show as "very important" for Channel 4, a spokeswoman told Satellite and TV news site Digital Spy: "Everyone will know about it once the campaign starts" which is great news for Terry O"Quinn, sadly missed as Peter Watts.

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