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17th September 2005 By Graham P. Smith

The long awaited première episode of Millennium Apocalypse has now been made available to download. This unique series of 10 minute episodes based on the Millennium TV Series was created by talented independent film maker Jason Morris, with assistance from a select team of dedicated volunteers (including some familiar Members from This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board in Cast & Crew roles), eager to provide fans of Chris Carter's Millennium TV Series with a new set of story lines whilst taking care not to infringe on potential legal restrictions of the original series. Making full use of the Internet to publish regular episodes complete with DVD style commentaries, the events of this excellent mini-series are set in the near future, in the year 2011 and all Millennium fans are encouraged to visit the Millennium Apocalypse official website where they can watch the first episode in a range of formats and file sizes.

Series Premise:

Millennium Apocalypse Written By: Jason Morris, Erin McRaven, and Michael Martin Produced By: Turn Systems Directed by: Jason Morris

Starring: Shoni Alysse Cook, Joe Amos, William Martin and Jim Rufini

Jordan, a young woman caught in a world of bizarre murders and government conspiracies, must find the answer to saving the world from its end and saving herself. Her father has been missing for twelve years and a man she doesn't know claims to have all the answers she's seeking about her past and the reason for her visions. Jordan must trust Christian as he is to be her guide to finding all the mysteries about her father, which in turn will answer questions about her gift. Why doesn't Christian just give her the information Jordan needs, why must she join this group in order to find the answers. Does Christian want to help or is he on his own agenda. Now she must dive into the unknown and find clues to unlock the past to save the future and herself before it is too late.

Millennium Desktop UK and This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board are pleased to support the undertakings of a young and enthusiastic team of non-profit making volunteers and commend them on their skills, talent and dedication that have so obviously been included.

Re-visit the Millennium inspired fictional universe that is Millennium Apocalypse featuring multimedia downloads, background information and the crucial première pilot episode at:

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