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27th December 2005 By Graham P. Smith

A reminder to all Millennium fans that the fan created tribute Internet based series Millennium Apocalypse continues to screen regular episodes usually about 10 minutes in length. Episode 6 Part 2 is now currently available together with all previous episodes in a variety of formats including DivX, Quick Time and Windows Media at the Millennium Apocalypse official website. Millennium Apocalypse creator Jason who is busy adding DVD style commentaries to the episodes and encoding further episodes for digital and DVD distribution tells us more about the show:

Millennium Apocalypse is a project that started as a thought. Something to give to the fans of a wonderful television show cancelled prematurely. Digital Shadow Films together with some of the greatest people I have met on the web have begun the long journey to resurrect Millennium in a spin off incarnation of the 1013 and Chris Carter‘s television drama. We are creating a season long show consisting of 12 episodes that will be aired on the web, our hope is to release one 10 minute episode every two weeks. At the end of the season a DVD will be compiled of all the episodes edited into a feature length version of the entire season. One problem we will be facing is copyright issues, although we do not wish to infringe on any of Fox or 1013‘s properties, we feel that what we have created should be released in any and every form possible so we will be editing Millennium Apocalypse into its own entity for the DVD release for the sake of infringement.

The DVD will also contain behind the scenes, interviews and other special features. This has been a long and trying process that we all hope you enjoy! Please support independent film makers!

Be sure to visit the Millennium Apocalypse site and support the fellow fans of the show where you will find all episodes released to date together with background information and forums.

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