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13th June 2006 By Graham P. Smith

In the desert that is Millennium news updates now that the series has finally been released onto DVD, this news articles is a definite and welcome oasis!

With grateful thanks to Millennium and The X-Files fan Alex (TIWWA‘s Tempusfugit) we"re proud to share some wonderful exclusive images taken a few days ago of Millennium‘s Yellow House!

Alex recently enjoyed a 9 day X-Files related trip to various locations around Vancouver with a group of likeminded international-based fans and after checking in with This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board to confirm the real location of the Yellow House, she very kindly returned to share some wonderful photographs of Frank and Catherine Black‘s home. Alex has also kindly consented to allow us to share these images at MDUK and also in a feature on the Yellow House in our forthcoming new website‘s episode guide so that even more Millennium fans can enjoy them and I think you"ll agree from the images and from Alex has to say, its heart-warming and reassuring to know that the house is still there and in such wonderful condition to the credit of its owners. Alex and her friends showed a lot of tact and are to be commended for their polite and unobtrusive behaviour with the understanding owners of the property and their behaviour reflects on us all.

Alex outside the famous Yellow House.

"The Millennium house was on my list of things to see. I"ve been in love with that house since I was about 11 years old, and seeing it right in front of my eyes, well... I am short for words. It’s so beautiful and it was still a light shade of yellow".

Our sincere and grateful thanks to Alex and the owners of this beautiful home. You can discuss the photo‘s and Alex‘s journey in this TIWWA topic (you"ll need to register if not a Member already).

A sample of some of the other images (clickable thumbnail images) that Alex has shared at TIWWA:

Outside the famous Yellow House.A coincidental red Jeep outside the Yellow House.

There was actually a red Jeep parked nearby! (I would have passed out at this point!):

"I had just snapped some pictures from the street at first. Then this young guy came up to us as I was gawking at the house and asked what 9 of us were doing standing on this random street corner with cameras. I explained that we were fans from all over the world and that the house was a location used on TXF and Millennium and he responded with "I know. I live in that house." So-- coolest part ever-- he invited us onto the property. I talked with his father, John, for a while about Chris Carter, the shows, the house and whatnot. And then he invited us all into the house (his wife even offered us dinner haha, but that‘s a lot of mouths to feed). They were so friendly and welcoming, and it made it that much more awesome to know that they are very proud of their house and love it. I was ecstatic to see that a lot of the old woodwork was still there and the staircase beside the front door was exactly the same. (I didn"t take any pictures inside since they had a lot of family photos up on the walls and I didn"t want to intrude too much) but I definitely took advantage when he told us to go wild on the front porch with the pictures."

"Ooh and we were staying at the 2400 motel on Kingsway which was another common filming location and they had autographed pictures of Lance and Terry O'Quinn in the main office (among other things)."

"It was nice to know that even though it‘s been almost 10 years since the shows were filmed in Vancouver, their essence is still there."

Millennium‘s famous Yellow House.The Millennium Yellow House in 2006.

Be sure to visit this topic at TIWWA and find out more about Alex‘s wonderful vacation with more photos of the Yellow House. Thanks again Alex!

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