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17th July 2006 By Graham P. Smith

Mark Snow‘s Best of Millennium Soundtrack covert art.

Millennium fans are constantly contacting us asking when Mark Snow‘s Best of Millennium Soundtrack will be available to purchase outside of the US. Up to now, the electronic mp3 download has only been legally available via the US based store of iTunes, and then only if you happen to live in the US.

Finally the soundtrack is now seemingly available to all outside of the US at the LINK REMOVED website. We"ve no idea how legal this site is as similar sites have been the subject of legal battles over music rights distribution of late, but hopefully Mark Snow and Fox Television will receive their due and fully deserved royalties

Thanks to Millennium fan ‘shaivite" at This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board for the tip, and for confirmation he was able to purchase and download the soundtrack plus others okay. You can read more information on our soundtrack page or at TIWWA but remember ordering is at your own discretion.

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