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22nd August 2006 By Graham P. Smith

I"m a little late in posting this news but ITV4 have now commenced screening the first season of Millennium. Thanks to Dave Heel for contacting me with the news that Pilot was screened at 0230 on August 13th. According the the listings, Millennium will be shown in the primetime slot of Saturday evenings at 9pm. The next episode to be broadcast will be Dead Letters on Saturday 26th August (9pm).

Dave also added:

Interestingly enough the opening titles were different from normal and featured the "original" yellow house as in the pilot, with other different images to the normal sequence, including rough looking video clips etc.... These must the original pilot titles from before syndication.

Also noticed one or two cuts; for instance, when Jack Meredith asks Frank "what kind of work he's in?", Frank replies "I"m between jobs, doing some consulting work". "in between jobs" is not in DVD version with the normal opening titles. Perhaps some revisions took place once they started producing the whole series? Having only started re-watching my Millennium box set on Friday I immediately noticed the differences.

I didn"t recall this either so I checked and according to Maria Vitale and Libby's excellent transcript of the Pilot episode, Frank never said he was in between jobs:

JACK: Hi ya, Frank. So, where are you folks from?

FRANK: Well, we"ve been in Washington, D.C. for the past ten years. But my wife and I are both from here in Seattle.

JACK: So, what brings you back here?

FRANK: (laughs) I want to come home and put some roots down.

JACK: Oh, well, that makes sense. What, uh, what kind of work do you do, Frank?

FRANK: Well, I do some consulting.

JACK: Oh, good. Can we, uh, can we invite you folks over for dinner this week? I see you have a little girl.

FRANK: Thank you. I"ll talk to my wife.

JACK: Good.

It certainly looks like ITV4 are broadcasting a different version, possibly a regionalised version for the UK market with other changes to the norm. Its also briliant to see Millennium being broadcast at a reasonable hour where more people are likely to discover the series.

Thanks Dave!

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