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19th September 2006 By Graham P. Smith

Jon Krakauer‘s best selling book Into the Wild, the novel which inspired Millennium‘s second season episode Luminary is to make the transition to the silver screen. It follows the young, idealistic Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) as he abandons life as most of us know it for the Alaskan wilderness. Into the Wild is being directed by Sean Penn and his based on his screenplay.

Regarded as one of Millennium Season Two‘s finest and thought provoking episodes, Luminary sees criminal profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) heading into the beautiful Alaskan wilderness to find a missing teenager, following a disagreement with the Millennium Group. An engaging storyline, beautiful photography and inspiring theme music by Mark Snow are all highly noted elements of this fan favourite episode. Many thank to TIWWA‘s Joe M for sharing the discovery that the book is finally coming to the cinema, with a release date of late 2007. You can find out more here at

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