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2nd October 2006 By Graham P. Smith

Further to the news posted on the 17th, Lance Henriksen (Millennium's Frank Black) and Megan Gallagher (Catherine Black) attended the UK's Collector Mania 10 expo in Milton Keynes this weekend! Two of This is who we are's Members, Millennium fans Scott (Selfosophy Psycho) and Baz (Engine Comics) met up at the event and have kindly shared their memories of meeting Lance and Megan at the show. Not only that, Baz has kindly uploaded a video of his meeting with Millennium's stars. Baz created a beautiful piece of artwork in two halves and presented it to Lance and Megan for them both to keep and you can see their genuine surprise and thankfulness in the video. Our grateful thanks to Scott and Baz for taking the time to share their day out and let those unfortunate not to attend to experience the fun!

Baz's wonderful gift to Megan Gallagher and Lance Henriksen:

Baz's wonderful gift to Megan Gallagher and Lance Henriksen.

Lance Henriksen with Baz's Millennium artwork:

Baz's wonderful gift to Lance Henriksen.

Megan Gallagher with Baz's Millennium artwork:

Baz's wonderful gift to Megan Gallagher.

Lance Henriksen and TIWWA's Baz:

Actor Lance Henriksen with artist Baz.

This is who we are Member's Scott (Selfosophy Psycho) and Baz (Engine Comics):

Selfosophy Pscho Scott Pugliese and Baz (Eugene Comics).

Don"t forget to view the wonderful video clip and read their account of meeting each other, Lance and Megan here at TIWWA! Thanks for sharing guys!

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