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12th November 2006 By Graham P. Smith

Millennium fan Jason Eddings pondered how he could contribute to Millennium's tenth anniversary celebrations and came up with a very simple and quick method of legally downloading Millennium music from iTunes. Taking the form of an iMix, Jason has put together as many tracks used in Millennium as possible and added them to Mark Snow's Best of Millennium soundtrack. iTunes subscribers (you don"t need an iPod to run iTunes) can download the entire collection without having to search separately for the individual tracks. This collection is only available in the US however, possibly because Mark Snow's soundtrack is still only available at the US version of the iTunes store.

"I was thinking of something I could do for the 10 year anniversary, and I decided to take the time to create an iTunes iMix with a fairly complete collection of music from the show. It includes the Mark Snow soundtrack, of course, and also all of the music I could find on iTunes that had been on the show. It includes 55 tracks, 22 of which are the Mark Snow music, and 33 tracks of other music. It is called, imaginatively enough, Music from Millennium.

For classical pieces I have used the version that sounds closest to my ear. Some songs, like "Dark End of the Street", are not included because the artist whose performance appeared on the show is not on iTunes, although other performers of the song are."

Song Name




Pilot Episode: Main Title (Long)


Mark Snow

Pilot Episode: Bumper #1/M2


Mark Snow

Pilot Episode: M10


Mark Snow

Pilot Episode: M13


Mark Snow

Marantha: 1M1


Mark Snow

Marantha: 1M5


Mark Snow

Marantha: 3M3/3M4


Mark Snow

Marantha: 4M1


Mark Snow

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: M15


Mark Snow

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: M11


Mark Snow

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: M22


Mark Snow

Midnight of the Century: Bumper #1/1M2


Mark Snow

Midnight of the Century: Bumper 1M4/3M1


Mark Snow

Midnight of the Century: Bumper 4M2


Mark Snow

The Time Is Now: 1M1


Mark Snow

The Time Is Now: 2M2


Mark Snow

The Time Is Now: 4M1


Mark Snow

Omerta: 1M2


Mark Snow

Omerta: 1M3/2M2/2M4


Mark Snow

Omerta: 4M4


Mark Snow

Goodbye to All That: 4M2a


Mark Snow

Goodbye to All That: End Titles


Mark Snow

More Human Than Human


White Zombie



Nine Inch Nails




Insane In the Brain


Cypress Hill

Hits from the Bong


Cypress Hill

I Wanna Get High


Cypress Hill



Steve Goodman

Short End of the Stick


Donnie Fritts

Ten Foot Pole


Donnie Fritts

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts



Life During Wartime


Talking Heads

(They Long to Be) Close to You



As Long As I"m Singing


Bobby Darin

Gyp the Cat


Bobby Darin

Goodbye, Charlie


Bobby Darin

Memories Are Made of This


Dean Martin

Little Demon


Screamin" Jay Hawkins

Bless the Beasts and Children



Nutcracker Suite, Op.71a: Arabian Dance (Coffee)


Berliner Philharmoniker & Mstislav Rostropovich

The Mikado, Act One, No. 5, Chorus, with Solo (Ko-Ko), "Behold the Lord High Executioner!"


Arthur Sullivan, Glyndebourne Festival Chorus & William S. Gilbert

A Horse with No Name



Dancing Barefoot


Patti Smith Group

Love Is Blue (Instrumental)


Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra

My War


Black Flag

I"ll Never Fall in Love Again


Dionne Warwick

In the Year 2525


Zager & Evans



Patti Smith

Psycho Circus



Love Hurts (Single)



Till Then (Single)


The Mills Brothers

Trimm Trabb



Everybody (Backstreet's Back)


Backstreet Boys




A Perfect Day Elise


PJ Harvey

The iMix "Music from Millennium" has been published in the iTunes Music store.


You need the iTunes software installed before using the link above (you will be prompted to download iTunes if not). An iPod MP3 Player is optional, as tracks can still be played back after downloading through the iTunes software, even if you don"t have an iPod. Most importantly, you have to be in the US to purchase this iMix. This iMix will be available for 12 months.

Thanks Jason for taking the time to put this together for fans of the series.


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