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1st January 2007 By Graham P. Smith

Firstly let me wish you a Happy New Year! What a great start to 2007 it is too for Millennium fans because the time is near for the fan created new Millennium Virtual Fifth Season, previously announced on October 13th 2006.

UPDATE: Since posting this article yesterday, a number of Millennium fans have contacted me asking where they can catch up with the fan written Virtual Fourth Season. It can still be found at here at the Millennial Abyss - Virtual Fourth Season. However, Virtual Season 5 does not require its readers to have read the previous season although many of course will still wish to do so. Also a quick reminder, the Virtual Seasons are entirely that, fan written, unofficial stories continuing the journeys of Frank Black, his family and the Millennium Group.

There is a different team entirely behind VS5 and they have created a Blog at TIWWA where you can go to find out all you ever wanted to know about VS5, what it is, how it relates to the original series, behind the scenes trivia and facts etc. You can find the Official VS-5 Blog at TIWWA and a dedicated TIWWA forum for the series here. (You don"t need to be a registered TIWWA Member to read the Blog).

Millennium Virtual Season 5 at BVC ...

Let's recap... It’s been over seven years since Millennium left our screens, almost seven years since the last fan-made script-based continuation wrapped online, and almost seven years since the landmark year 2000 passed us by. Later this month, it will be exactly ten years since the show first premièred on the FOX network to massive ratings. This January, Millennium will return in the form of an all-new scripted Virtual Fifth Season.

Season 5 will bring Frank Black and his daughter Jordan up to the present day with dramatic new episodes that cling faithfully to the series" time-honoured themes of suspense, mysticism, psychology, and the supernatural. Now working as a part-time lecturer at the FBI's Quantico Academy, Frank thinks he has finally left the dark intrigue and harrowing imagery of his former life behind. But when he is approached by a former student struggling to solve an horrific case, Frank is drawn back into a world of evil and doomsday-ideology. Though the millennium has long since passed, it becomes apparent that the most gruesome acts of inhumanity are still on the rise, and that uncanny current events which presage the prophesied End Times are as prevalent as they have ever been.

The Virtual Fifth Season will première with its first episode, "The Begotten", on FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 2007 on the virtual BVC network. A full order of 22 episodes will air weekly, every Friday, in an uninterrupted run through to June.

"Millennium - Virtual Season 5" is a product of Triple Five Productions, in association with This Is Who We Are, for Blackster Virtual Community. Anthony J. Black and James Jordan serve as Executive Producers. Millennium was originally created by Chris Carter for 20th Century Fox Television, each of whom own all their respective properties and copyrights and do not endorse the virtual season in any way.

Millennium Virtual Fifth Season

Millennium Virtual Season 5 - coming soon!

The new website of the BVC Network is now open and where you will find Virtual Season 5, don"t forget the first episode later this week!

Congratulations and best wishes to ZeusFaber, O and all the staff involved in bringing us this fresh opportunity to catch up with Frank and the Millennium Group.

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