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14th April 2007 By Graham P. Smith

You may have recently become aware that Sue Myatt's much loved fan website for Lance Henriksen (which has his official support, recognition and is considered to practically be his official site) has been taken down. The site contained a wealth of information, facts, interview archives and images of Lance that have been appreciated by many Lance fans for several years.

After several successful years, Sue is moving on to pastures new. Whilst there has been some confusion about the future of the site by fellow fans of Lance's work, I can confirm that Sue has asked me take over the site and I have gratefully accepted.

The site has since been transferred to me and my plans are firstly to get the site back up online as it was, for visitors to use as soon as possible. The timescale for this is within the next week.

As soon as time allows, Lance Henriksen Magic will receive a makeover to bring it more up to date with current web standards, accessibility requirements and improved additional facilities, something that sadly Sue regrets she ha' had the free time to do so far. Don"t worry, all existing content will be preserved where applicable!

The new link to Lance Henriksen Magic will be posted as soon as possible.

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