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18th October 2007 By Graham P. Smith

The first batch of updates to Millennium - This is who we are have been added over the last few days and there are more to come.

ZeusFaber, one of the executive producers of the excellent Millennium Virtual Season 5 has kindly provided us with a batch of episode reviews. You can find them in the Episode Reviews section of the episode and credits guide or alternatively you can get a list of ZeusFaber's reviews.

Also added to the Millennium Episode and Credits Guide is a new section Expanding upon Millennium. In here you will find:

We"ve also made it easier to search our news archive and distinct areas of the Episode Guide and Credits Guide by adding a Search Box to the main guide itself and also the Cast, Crew, Character and Episode Profiles as well as the Millennium Music Guide, articles and reviews.

Updated: As promised, we have now added some excellent articles from one of our main contributors Vivi (Dontbesodark on our forums) on the subject of Millennium's use of paintings and art:

  1. Pressed by evil - A look at the artwork in Al Pepper's Office
  2. In awe of a star - Identifying the artwork in the opening Comet Sequence
  3. Anticipating a change - Examining Peter Watts" collection of artwork

These really are a must read and provide proof that there is always something new to learn and enjoy about your favourite episodes of Millennium!

Finally, visitors to our Millennium forums can expect a seasonal enhancement in a few days time!

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