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8th March 2008 By Graham P. Smith

Lance Henriksen, best loved by many for his role as Frank Black in Chris Carter‘s Millennium has again spoken about a proposed Millennium movie.

This time Lance commented about the much desired feature film during his recent attendance at the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention in Sweden. You may recall our earlier news article from November when Lance sparked much euphoria and speculation with Millennium fans in Manchester, England when he hinted Frank Black was to return.

One of our forum members, "AxelFoley" spoke to Lance in Sweden and posted as follows:

I just came home from meeting Lance Henriksen on a sci-fi convention held in Sweden. Lance Henriksen is one of (if not the) nicest celebrities i"ve met in my life. He was so cool & down to earth, just like everyone who‘s met him has said before. ... he said that the Millennium movie WILL happen, THIS year!

... He said with a clear tone in his voice that the movie will be DARK, very dark. I shot the whole thing with a camera so I"ll upload it on youtube for you all to see soon.

You can find the TIWWA forum topic here.

Wikipedia has also recently been updated to read:

On 2 March 2008, Lance Henriksen was asked at the Scandinavian SciFi Convention about the future of Millennium. He answered that what he had heard from Chris Carter, Carters next project after the Untitled X-Files sequel would indeed be the Millennium motion picture.

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