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19th April 2008 By Graham P. Smith

A page added recently to our Episode and Credits Guide covers the news updates and developments concerning two of the most popular questions that are on the minds of Millennium fans at the moment: Will Frank Black get a cameo in the second X-Files film and will there be a Millennium movie?

Sadly the first question would seem to have been officially answered by Chris Carter himself, confirming reports already published on the web. On the 18th of April 2008, an article was posted at IGN Entertainment, an excerpt relating to Frank Black and Millennium is below:

On April 17, 2008, writer-director Chris Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz appeared at the New York Comic Con to divulge a few details about the upcoming sequel X-Files: I Want to Believe.

Following a screening of the film's theatrical trailer and brief introduction by IGN's Entertainment Editorial Manager Chris Carle, Carter and Spotnitz fielded questions from fans... The pair indicated that Frank Black, the main character of the show Millennium, would not make an appearance in the film. "I wish I could tell you yes but I have to tell you no," said Carter. "That being said I would love to work with Lance [Henriksen] and I talk to him about it all of the time."

Thanks to forum member Dontbesodark for sharing this link.

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