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7th November 2008 By Graham P. Smith

Preview image of our first Millennium themed Vista Gadget.

Earlier this week we published the first in what will hopefully become a series of Millennium themed gadgets for Windows Vista.

All versions of Windows Vista feature a Sidebar facility which allows small programs (gadgets, sometimes known as widgets) to run (or be dragged onto the desktop). As far as we know this is the first available gadget for Vista inspired by Chris Carter's Millennium TV series.

MLM Ouroborus Countdown is gadget which you can install on Windows Vista's Sidebar, or simply drag and drop it from your sidebar to your desktop. The gadget resembles the familiar Millennium Group welcome log-in screen as seen in the television series and used by Millennium Group members. It features a golden Ouroborus and automatically displays your name and the number of days remaining. Rather than simply displaying the message, "Welcome Frank", the gadget is more personalised and instead displays the name of the current Windows Vista user.

MLM Ouroborus Countdown v1.0 features:

  • Millennium Group Ouroborus
  • Personalised - Automatically welcomes the current logged in user!
  • Countdown - Displays the current number of days until December 21st, 2012 (the forthcoming Apocalypse?).
  • Easily customisable countdown date (see instructions).
  • Site Link - Clicking the Ouroborus takes you to our main website at
  • Drag and drop from your sidebar to your desktop

We hope you enjoy this creation and we look forward to bringing you a series of gadgets featuring your favourite characters from Millennium.

Visit the Millennium inspired Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets category in our forum's download manger to find the first Millennium gadget.
Guests (non-registered forum members) are welcome to download the gadget but registered members can rate and add comments to the downloads as well as having access to additional downloads and forums.

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