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18th April 2009 By Graham P. Smith

Film and tv critic John Muir.

The Grassy Knoll has published the first 1 hour part of a fascinating 3 hour interview with film and tv critic John Muir in which they discuss Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

This is a great interview, not to be missed, its full of interesting viewpoints on the many aspects of Millennium with some serious analysis of the finer points of Millennium, its symbolism, Lance Henriksen's incredible portrayal of criminal profiler and family man Frank Black, Lucy Butler and in depth analysis of some of the finer Season 1 episodes and the statements on society in the run up to the actual Millennium that they made.

Part 2 of the interview will apparently focus on Season 2 of the series and will be available on April 27. John Muir is a series fan and analyst of Millennium and has been an active supporter of, the campaign headquarters working towards exposing the support for a Millennium feature film.

The interview is fun to listen too and despite its length, Grassy Knoll's Vyzogoth and John drive it along keeping you interested and if you like Millennium, its simply not to be missed.

John Muir on the Millennium TV series – Part 1

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