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22nd June 2009 By Graham P. Smith

Our friends over at, the popular campaign working hard to see the return of Millennium and Frank Black, have posted their latest podcast featuring an interview with the delightful Klea Scott. Klea as you probably already know, brought us Millennium season 3's Special Agent Emma Hollis.

Check out their news release:

A reminder we"ve just released 70 minutes of EXCLUSIVE Klea Scott tonight with the bubbly, wonderful woman chatting about Millennium, the people in the show, her ideas where it could have gone.. and of course, all things Klea Scott!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to inform you of a very special edition of our Millennium Group Sessions Podcast to be released on Sunday 21st June. Klea Scott, Emma Hollis herself, spoke exclusively to BackToFrankBlack about her recollection of her time on Millennium for the first time since she provided the Season Three DVD commentary almost a decade ago.

We are indebted to Klea for the kindness, enthusiasm and support that she has shown us as well as the evident love she retains for the character she helped to create and the show she was in. In light of the amazing interview she gave us, this podcast release will be devoted entirely to her and her words. To hear what she recalls of her time on the show, of her warm relationship with Lance Henriksen and her reaction to Harsh Realm (one of the funniest moments on the show if you ask me) then there is only one place to be this Sunday.

We, as fans, owe a debt of gratitude to the sheer exuberance Klea still has for Millennium and for the way in which she has rallied to support this campaign and here's where you can help. Use your Blogs, Twitter accounts, Myspace pages and more to tell all you know about this very exclusive scoop. Let everyone know, Klea Scott is in the house!

To download from

* For the enhanced image complimented podcast for Itunes and Ipod lovers: Click here! (19MB 75 mins)

* For a high quality podcast (no images embedded into this one): Right click here and select 'save link as.." (approx 69.5MB 75mins)

To download from ITUNES

* To subscribe to the Itunes podcast, simply load up the Itunes store on your Itunes application, search for BacktoFrankBlack and wait for the podcast to pop onto the list. Then click 'subscribe" - you will need to sign up to a free Itunes account to do this - but Itunes does run a great service for podcasts of all types (including our friends ThaDarkSideVibe and Spooktalkular)

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