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1st September 2009 By Graham P. Smith

Sarah-Jane Redmond as Millennium‘s Lucy, the online campaign headquarters working hard to see the return of Chris Carter‘s Millennium, is currently in the midst of celebrating Lucy Butler week!

With the help and support of some very dedicated fans of Millennium, the week long celebrations in honour of criminal profile Frank Black‘s most memorable nemesis, the Devil‘s liege herself, Lucy Butler brought so vividly to life by actress Sarah-Jane Redmond, have now commenced.

On the BacktoFrankBlack website you will find a specially created tribute video to Lucy Butler by Jósef Karl (be sure to watch it in its entirety to be rewarded with a rather cool ending), as well as competitions to win a copy of The Entrance starring Sarah-Jane, and also a signed autograph of Sarah-Jane as Millennium‘s Lucy Butler. Be sure to visit the website‘s news section each day as Lucy Butler week continues.

Fans of Millennium may like to know that video clips of Sarah-Jane as Lucy Butler can be found over at Sarah-Jane‘s website at section where you can also find an article dedicated to Sarah-Jane‘s time spent on Millennium available here.

The BacktoFrankBlack Millennium campaign has so far gathered the support of lead actor Lance Henriksen, writer and executive producer Frank Spotnitz, producer Michael R Perry, actors Klea Scott, Kristen Cloke, Marshall Bell, Jon Polito and Peter Outerbridge as well as additional cast and crew members from the series including music composer Mark Snow, actors Stephen E Miller, Doug Hutchinson and Tucker Smallwood.

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