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15th September 2009 By Graham P. Smith

Lance Henriksen as Millennium's criminal profiler Frank Black.

Intriguing news has been published at, the dedicated campaign working to see the return of Chris Carter's Millennium. According to the campaign's co-director Mark Hayden, Lance Henriksen has contacted them to advise that he has been approached by independent investors interested in making a Millennium movie.

Obviously this is an important development in the quest to see Millennium return as a feature-film and is bound to raise awareness, if not eyebrows at Twentieth Century Fox, who of course own the rights to the series.

Mark comments on the development...

... there are times when a hot potato lands in our lap and this is one of them.

Lance Henriksen has contacted us to inform us that he has been approached by independent investors interested in making a Millennium Movie. I don"t need to tell anyone how important this news is to us. And here's where you come in. We are so close we can almost touch this and we need to use this opportunity to generate as much publicity as we are able.

Do not stop pushing: take this news to the forums you frequent, add it to your social network profiles, share it with your friends on twitter and lets see if we can get this to go viral. I know you won"t let us down.


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