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14th October 2009 By Graham P. Smith

Currently a slew of internet websites are picking up on the subject of a possible Millennium movie and sadly some are spreading incorrect facts and half-truths, following a news article published at website The article initially merely speculates on the recent news concerning actor Lance Henriksen (Millennium‘s lead actor who portrayed criminal profiler Frank Black), who has gone on record via the Millennium movie campaign website as saying he has been approached by a group of private investors interested in making an independent Millennium film.

"I have heard rumblings that Fox are interested in bringing Millennium back to screens - possibly without the involvement of Chris Carter and this independent route would seem like a way of doing so. … Now, be aware that this is speculation, but also something that I have heard through the grapevine, so there might be some truth to it."

The Screenrant article author goes on to state ...

"It is believed that Carter will step aside from the franchise and one name that has been mentioned with regards to directing an independent Millennium film is Brett A. Hart."

Brett Hart has worked with Lance Henriksen on the film Bone Dry and in supporting with interviews and and even a promotional video, he has offered to direct a Millennium movie for free. The Screenrant article features a quote from Brett Hart in which he confirms his support for a feature film.

Since the article was published, a number of websites and blogs have picked up on Screenrant‘s article and the demand for a Millennium film, but sadly some of them are directly stating that Millennium IS returning as a feature film, whilst others are remarkably stating that Chris Carter will not be involved in the project, despite no evidence to substantiate this claim. One such website I09 clearly states:

"Hold on to your 90s conspiracy theories: Millenium is getting a movie, and Lance Henriksen will be returning as his character Frank Black. But here‘s the rub - show creator Chris Carter is persona non grata on set.".

You can find discussion and links to many of the websites that are picking up on the Screenrant article, some of which are directly stating some of the incorrect facts mentioned above, in this as saying he has been approached by a group of private investors interested in making an independent Millennium film.

" title="Visit the forum topic in a new tab/window." target="_blank">forum topic which was originally created as a request to our forum members not to post unsubstantiated claims about the return of Millennium.

Millennium - This is who we are would like to state (merely as a fan website dedicated to Millennium and in no other capacity) that whilst the sites are rightly applauding Lance‘s performance and the quality of Millennium, such claims about a movie definitely coming our way and Chris Carter not being involved as published by many of these websites and blogs are simply not true, and are rapidly becoming so called "Chinese whispers".

To clarify, the situation remains as it always has:

  • BacktoFrankBlack is leading a respectable campaign to gather support and awareness aimed at Fox to make them aware of the demand for a Millennium movie, with the increasing support of several of Millennium leading cast and crew. They have not published any false or misleading claims or misinformation.
  • To the best of our knowledge, a Millennium movie has not been officially sanctioned or green-lit by Fox (although we"d all like to see one!).
  • There is absolutely no truth in the statement that series creator and executive producer Chris Carter will have nothing to do with a Millennium movie.

We would ask that anyone who would like to see a feature film version of Millennium should lend their support to the campaign at, and write a letter or send one of‘s the pre-supplied template post cards, to the following publicity address:

Twentieth Century Fox
10201 West Pico Blvd.,
Bldg. 88, Room 132
Los Angeles,
CA 90035#

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