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18th February 2002 By  Graham P. Smith

Congratulations to Brian Dixon and his Millennial Abyss website which is 5 years old this month. Millennial Abyss continues in its role as the dedicated Millennium fans first choice for news, updates and information about Chris Carter's darkest, finest hour - Millennium.

Joining the celebrations this month, Millennium Desktop UK has also achieved its own milestone. The site is now one year old and has seen many improvements since its creation. Originally a platform for Millennium fans to download the Millennium Desktop Theme, Millennium Desktop UK is now intended to be the ideal choice for Millennium Screen Savers, desktop wallpapers and information. Intended improvements for the future include the complete collection of Millennium Episode trailers and better quality sound effects and captures.

Let's look forward to more Millennium coverage and best of all 3 Millennium Seasons released in DVD Box-set Format, including 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtracks, interviews with Chris Carter, Lance, Megan, Terry O'Quinn, Brittany Tiplady, Bill Smitrovitch and all the trailers and photographs you could wish for...