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14th February 2010 By Graham P. Smith

Lance Henriksen as Millennium's criminal profiler Frank Black.

Our website Millennium - This is who we are celebrates its 9th birthday as of today, February 14th! That kind of makes me wonder why I was launching a website instead of spoiling my girlfriend on Valentine's Day all those years ago! My excuse would have to be that the site was about one of the best television series ever created, and that of course is down to the amazing collection of talent, artistry and creativity of Millennium's cast and crew.

Back then of course, I hadn"t the slightest inkling that the website would still exist today, all be it together with a new more suitable name. It is without a doubt, down the fantastic fans of the series, from all walks of life who herald from so many varied countries around the world that have kept the interest going and so many I"m glad to say have become good friends. The Millennium fan community, many of whom of course reside online in our ever-popular forums, combined with the sheer depth, scope and fascinating dark intensity of Chris Carter's inspiring and so often copied Millennium television series, is what has kept the site going for so long.

This site will remain for many years to come, an online testimony to the work of the people involved in the series, who created such an amazing world where I think many fans of the show find solace and identify with the wonderful characters, in particular of course Frank Black and his journey through the darkness and light. Lance Henriksen of course, will be forever remembered and fondly cherished for his role as Frank.

Last year, 2009, Millennium - This is who we are (excluding our forums) received over 87,000 absolute unique visitors, almost 125,000 visits and almost 476,000 page views. Millennium may have concluded on television years ago, but interest is clearly far from over. Don"t forget that you can help show this by supporting the campaign to see Frank Black return at, Lance i' done yet, and needs your backing to deliver the good message that Frank still has work to do.

Thank you for visiting the website over the years, and long may you continue to return for many more.


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