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2nd April 2010 By Graham P. Smith

Visit the Easter Activity forums at This is who we are! (new tab/window).

Ladies and gentlemen, as you may already know, Mark Hayden (our beloved community forum Elder ethsnafu) has been extremely busy along with a fine and generous group of our finest and chocolatey members, to band together with the intention of bringing you a weekend of themed fun to help us celebrate Easter. Our "TIWWA Blackcoats" have done this in the form of a virtual weekend of televised Millennium events. Over the next two days, on a number of virtual channels, they aim to bring you plenty of entertainment and hope you will get involved and leave some thoughts for those good folk who have worked hard to make this all possible. To whet your appetite, here is a list of what‘s on offer so grab those Easter eggs, log into the forum tomorrow and prepare to be entertained!

Saturday April 3rd

Posted Image

SYFY CHANNEL: The Launderama of The Soul - A Selfosophy Inspired Game.

Posted Image

GOOD FOOD CHANNEL: The Importance of Being Chocolate - A look into the deeper aspects of what we are stuffing our faces with this Easter.

Posted Image

RADIO ONE: Millennium: The Family - An online Skype meeting of TIWWA members to discuss "Owls", "Roosters" and more besides (this will be made available for download shortly after.)

Posted Image

NICK: Frank Black Cottentail - A hidden Easter Egg somewhere on the forum, see if you can find it folks.

Posted Image

CHALLENGE TV: Millennium Trivial Pursuits Part One - A two season quiz with a copy of Millennium Apocalypse for the winner.

Posted Image

BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: Exclusive to TIWWA: Interview with Tracy Middendorf - a look behind the scenes of "Darwin‘s Eye" with Cass herself.

Posted Image

MTV: Darwin‘s Eye Music Montage to tie in with Tracy‘s Interview


Posted Image
ABC: The Millennium Academy Awards - A Celebrity Deathmatch styled after the Oscars.

Posted Image

HISTORY CHANNEL: Easter - An article looking at the deeper, spiritual significance of Easter.

Posted Image

CHALLENGE TV: Millennium Trivial Pursuits Part Two- A two season quiz with a copy of Millennium Apocalypse for the winner.

Posted Image

BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: Exclusive to TIWWA - Interview with Shae Popovich - A look behind the scenes of Forcing The End with Rachel Levinson herself.

Posted Image

MTV: A Forcing The End Music Montage to tie in with Shae‘s interview.

Posted Image

SKY PREMIÈRE: Exclusive VS6 Webisode - a brief prologue to the new virtual series.

My sincere gratitude is extended to Mark for his hard work, considerable talent and ever amazing sense of humor, together with that of his kind, talented and generous team of Blackcoats who consist of the following regular contributors and we hope friends within our Millennium community, Earthnut (Darlene), Walkabout (Randee), tyd7u (Josef), and SpooktalkGiGi (Laura) with additional contributions from Baz and Joe.

Mark and myself would also like to thank Big Light for their help in promoting this Easter fun and madness, and all of you who take the time to share the word.

This is who we are!

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