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26th August 2010 By Graham P. Smith, Mark Hayden and Libby

Posted Image

Following a few months of hard work and some very late nights during which time I"ve been a bit of a recluse at TIWWA, and as previously mentioned in our staff blog, I"m pleased to announce that the newly overhauled Lance Henriksen Magic is now officially open, and which will make it all the more enjoyable and fun to take an interest in the career of the enigmatic Lance Henriksen.

I"m thrilled to say that Lance Henriksen Magic will now be brought to you with the kind assistance of Mark Hayden (aka ethsnafu) and Libby! Both Mark and Libby you may already know help me successfully run This is who we are.

Mark in particular will be helping me to bring you more news concerning Lance Henriksen and his career on a more frequent basis, whilst Libby will be helping oversee the brand new community forums section of the site. The new site is easier to navigate and use, contains the same classic archive of Lance goodness, but is now a new feature-laden social website where fans can discuss Lance's career, classic roles and his latest projects with like-minded individuals, who appreciate Lance's career and his amazing talent.

We look forward to chatting with you on the new site, we hope you enjoy the facilities it has to offer and we look forward to you sharing your favourite Lance video's fan tributes/art/video compilations and clips of Lance's film moments with a potentially much larger audience that we currently have here as TIWWA is solely focussed on Lance's work on Millennium.

Graham, Libby and Mark.

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