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29th December 2010 By Mark Hayden

Lucy Butler Audio Competition 2010 winner written by the extremely talented James P. Davis and narrated by Sarah-Jane Redmond

Dear friends,

As all of you will know, we began our celebration of the festive season with a little something special from Sarah-Jane Redmond herself with an opportunity to have your words read aloud by Millennium's Lucy Butler. The challenge was to create a festive tale with just enough winter chill and more than a dash of Lucy Butler to ease our Millennium pangs. When we launched the competition I had no idea that it would be so warmly received and that the standard of entries would be so high and so many.

Sarah-Jane undertook the difficult task of reading the entries to select our winner and those in second and third places. I am extremely grateful to her for this as I would have found it impossible hard to do so myself given the standard of the entries and I am pleased to announce that Sarah-Jane has chosen her first, second and third places. In third place we have Ana Miraldo, in second place we have Heath Griner and the winner of the Lucy Butler Audio Competition 2010 is.....

James P. Davis with "Star Of Wonder"!

Congratulations to all of you. Our second and place winners will receive an exclusive signed photograph of Sarah-Jane Redmond as Lucy Butler and I want to congratulate the both of you on making Sarah-Jane's job so difficult when it came to selecting a winning entry. You both created something magical and it was by no means an easy task to pick between the finalists. As for our winner, he will hear his story read out in those devilish tones we love.

So here's to James on such a deserving win and for creating such a superb story for Lucy Butler to feature in. Take a bow Sir, you truly do deserve it.

Thank you to each and every one of you that entered. You are all winners and we truly appreciate the creativity, energy and passion you are willing to demonstrate in support of the show you love and it does not go unappreciated by the cast and crew I can promise you.


The time is now. Here's is the winning entry of our Lucy Butler Audio Competition 2010 written by the extremely talented James P. Davis and narrated by Sarah-Jane Redmond. All the entries were of a standard I couldn"t hope to attain but I have to confess to being blown away by James" when I read it and I know Sarah-Jane was too hence the win. It is such a well written piece with lots of references and subtle touches and it is undoubtedly a Christmas story which is what we were looking for. I was particularly impressed with the sheer scope of it and how it seemed to have a mythology all of its own. I have also included a download link for those of you who like the opportunity to have a copy to listen to at their leisure. I wanted to take this opportunity to than all our entrants - the standard was exceptionally high and you all deserve a round of applause so take a box. Further congratulations to James for creating such a memorable entry and one that I am sure you will all agree deserved to win and last but by no means least my gratitude to Sarah-Jane Redmond for the considerable time, support and enthusiasm she afforded us this year to help make our festive season a Millennium festive season. Enjoy the story folks and be sure to leave your thoughts when you have heard it, I am sure James would appreciate that.

Sarah-Jane Redmond presents James P Davis" "Star Of Wonder" from Mark Hayden on Vimeo.

You can also download this file from our Download Manager to keep...

Best wishes, Mark (Eth)

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