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25th February 2002 By Graham P. Smith

UK based Millennium fans will know that Season 3 currently screening on UK Sci-Fi channel is due to conclude tomorrow evening, 26th Feb 2002. However as previously announced, UK Sci-Fi will be screening the premiere season of Millennium the following week in the regular timeslot of 9pm with a later repeat.

It is perhaps an ideal time to reflect back to October 23rd 1996 when Fox Television were preparing to screen Chris Carter's creation for the first time. To celebrate and mark the occasion FOX broadcasted the very first Cyberpremiere on October 23rd 1996 whilst holding a Celebrity Millennium Evening.

You can follow the events of the evening below, as posted on the Official Fox Millennium website. Unfortunately this site was removed by Fox sometime ago. It did however make a brief reappearance during 2001 fuelling suspicion that Fox were preparing to release Millennium on DVD format. We can only hope and wait. However with grateful thanks to PC Format Magazine and Millennium Abyss featuring reports on the Web Archive Organisation, I would like to help preserve some of this special site's features such as the Cyberpremiere archive. Assuming Fox don"t shut this site down that is...

  • Cyber Premiere
  • Schedule Of Events
  • V.I.P. Arrivals
  • Cast Biography
  • Main Characters
  • Post Premiere Celebration
  • Online Chat Transcript

I wonder if when Kristen Cloke arrived at the Cyber premiere, she knew that she would be appearing for several episodes in Season 2 as Lara Means?

Out of interest, I recently found another Online Chat Transcript which featured Meghan Gallagher. You can read it here.

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