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2nd September 2002 By Graham P. Smith

As UK based Millennium fans might know, Millennium continues to be shown on the Sky Digital platform, Seasons One and Three on UK Sci-Fi and Season Two on Sky One. For the last few years Millennium fans had been disappointed that Sky One had failed to release the screening licence for Season Two. This recently changed when Sky began screening Season Two in the early hours of each morning, usually at 1am GMT.

Upon checking the Customer Service Channel feature, "Backchat", there is strong evidence that UK Sci-Fi Channel have now acquired the licence rights to show all three Seasons of Millennium back to back:

I would like to know what happened to Series 2 of Millennium on Sci-Fi Channel? I watch every Tuesday without fail, and was horrified when it leapt from Series One to Three. Please could someone explain?
Mellissa Challener-Morgan.

Having screened Series One and Series Three of Millennium we were very keen to show Series Two in order that we could broadcast the production in the intended sequence. Unfortunately we weren"t able to obtain rights to the production that would have enabled us to run an "uninterrupted series".

On a more positive note, you"ll be pleased to know that we have licensed Series 2 of Millennium and will be broadcasting it sometime from January 2003.
UK Sci-Fi Channel.

There can be no doubt that Sci-Fi Channel have provided a secure home for Millennium in the UK and fans can now rest assured that their favourite program will continue to have a future, in this country at least.

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