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4th September 2002 By Graham P. Smith

There seems to be a lot of talk around the internet of a Millennium music CD. I did find the following image some time ago on a Japanese Millennium site but was unable to find out more about it.

Millennium music CD.

If anyone can tell me more about this ' be grateful.

I recently found (since disappeared into the ether) another CD entitled The Millennium Theme - Mark Snow Millennium Original Soundtrack put up on the internet by someone named Çizek Martin. I tried to contact him about this but sadly have never received a reply. Perhaps he doesn't understand English.

Mark Snow
MillenniuM - Original Soundtrack

  1. Title Sequence
  2. Introduction And Pagan Sequence
  3. The Garden Of Islam
  4. Lalibela, King Of The Bees
  5. Landscape Of Spires
  6. Xanadu
  7. Black Death
  8. Golden Mali
  9. The Death Of Cairo
  10. Cold And Hungry
  11. Chinese Voyages
  12. Mehmet And Columbus
  13. Crucifixus (Antonio Lotti 1667-1740)
  14. Ivan The Terrible
  15. Cabinet Of Curiosities
  16. Isaac Newton
  17. Venice Of The North
  18. Slave Plantations
  19. 18t. Centruy Whistle-stop Tour
  20. American War Of Independence
  21. Death Of A Sultan
  22. The Creation
  23. Thomas Cook And Son
  24. Shaghai Ascendant
  25. End Titles

I would like to know more about this compilation.

UPDATED: I have found out on 12th September 2007 that the above listing is nothing to do with the Millennium tv series, but a separate program called Millennium: A Thousand Years of History. You can find the exact listing and soundtrack CD entitled Millennium: A Thousand Years of History [Television Score - Import -Compilation - Soundtrack] at

The following refers to the Millennium: Season One Promo CD.

Over at The Millennial Abyss Multitude Of Voices, forum member Caligari has posted the following:

I assume that they will release season 1 shortly - concerning the rumours - since I own a promotional CD release with the tracks of the 1. season. They wouldn"t have released it if there weren"t any plans to release a DVD.

In a further post he advises:

My best friend and me met this July and he's working for a record label in LA which works for Universal etc. He's a designer too and did the artwork for Mark Snow soundtracks. He only had one promotional copy but let me burn it. It was fully designed and all. Why should they release a promo CD if they don"t plan to finally release the first season on DVD? I read about the rumours and also found a link to a page that shows future release dates for DVDs. It’s a soundtrack CD with a song for each episode and starting and ending with the Millennium theme. I only had the CD borrowed for a few hours, so I don"t remember much more than the titles. Design was typical though - brownish fading.

I recall reading once that Mark Snow, creator of Millennium's theme music and in-episode incidental music wanted Fox to allow him to release a Music CD of his Millennium Music. It would certainly be a best seller. Hopefully before too long the questions over the release of a DVD box-set of Millennium will be answered. So too, the Millennium Music CD.

UPDATED: The best of Millennium Soundtrack by Mark Snow was released some years later and at the time of writing is available on the US version of iTunes. Search our news for more details.

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