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A bit about myself :D

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My Collages

Hi! getting the hang of this blog thing!as most of you know (because i have bombarded this lovely board with my attempts) I love to make collages, fan art work, banners etc etc as my hobby. I started doing this when i was about 14 or 15, after seeing some real awe inspiring stuff on a couple of x files fan sites. actualy works of art in my eyes. so i started to play around and it took me a good few months before i created anything remotely acceptable! but i carried on, because however complex



Ooh, First Blog! About Me... ?

Hopefully this attempt will be a little more sucessful than my original! lol i'm not all that good with technology, see i hit things for a living... I am a drummer in a band in the UK called Richboy. Richboy Official Site I love the band so much! I design the website, the artwork, collages and i also write the lyrics. it is such an amazing creative outlet for me and i really wanted to share that with all of you!Plus, at the moment I have a lot of spare time, I'm in that wonderful stage betwee



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