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A bit about myself :D

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My Collages

Hi! getting the hang of this blog thing!as most of you know (because i have bombarded this lovely board with my attempts) I love to make collages, fan art work, banners etc etc as my hobby. I started doing this when i was about 14 or 15, after seeing some real awe inspiring stuff on a couple of x files fan sites. actualy works of art in my eyes. so i started to play around and it took me a good few months before i created anything remotely acceptable! but i carried on, because however complex (or not) the out come, as any body who has had a go at digital art will know, it is very fullfilling and addictive. this 'skill' has come in handy with my band, as i design the artwork for our CD's and banners etc. up until about 2 days ago i had seen it as just that: a skill i picked up that has only use for the band. but now (thanks to you guys on here!) you have started me off again! be that good or bad, it will sure be interesting. i have been storing MM pics on my hard drive for months now, with the theory 'they wont be online forever, save them while you can' but really its been my subconscious telling me to start doing what i love again. i start with a theme, be it a relationship in a story, a piece of action, an amazing quote or a simple meaningful look. then i work from there to try to visually express my original idea. sometimes they stay right on track.. sometimes they go off into a world of their own.. but thats not always a bad thing!so i just thought i'd share this with you all, and thank you for helping me find my love for digital art again. i am by now means good, but its something i enjoy and am enjoying sharing. i hope more fans begin to share their art too becuase i find it fascinating.below is the first collage i remember making. awww! bless me, aint it cute?




Ooh, First Blog! About Me... ?

Hopefully this attempt will be a little more sucessful than my original! lol i'm not all that good with technology, see i hit things for a living... I am a drummer in a band in the UK called Richboy. Richboy Official Site I love the band so much! I design the website, the artwork, collages and i also write the lyrics. it is such an amazing creative outlet for me and i really wanted to share that with all of you!Plus, at the moment I have a lot of spare time, I'm in that wonderful stage between just finishing exams and waiting for the results! it's great! I am making the most of it before i go out into the world and get a job. not even remotely sure what i want to be yet...anyway, here is my first blog. im sure they'll get better as i go along! lol



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