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My unearthly fondness for Damien Thorn, Antichrist, and all his minions.

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Who Am I?


Wow... I take time off to get some work done and I come back and discover I'm the featured blog... I wonder how that happened *evil grin and hides the bags of cash under her desk*

I'm not gonna have time to write something now (its 12:10 am my time) but when I get up in the morning, I'll continue where I left off, I promise. And if I break it, Eth can threaten me with no more Neff...

Who Am I?

...A dead Nanny?

Yep, our very own Antichrist got what every child wants for their birthday. Well, I know I wanted it.

So Damien gets to celebrate his sixth birthday in the UK. Lucky kid. Wish my father or mother was an Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. So while the media guys and their photographers wonder when the dark haired heir to part of a large fortune is gonna become a saint, the dark haired nanny's getting all the attention while holding said kid. But Mom's not having any of it, and takes Damien away from the nanny. :nahah: Whoo. Jealous much?

So as Cathy Thorn carries her son off, the nanny gets into a mental conversation and staring contest with a Rotweiler. What is she? A mind reader? Or an animal whisperer of sorts (take that Horse Whisperer fellow and you get the idea)? After a few minutes, the nanny disappears, location unknown.

So time passes, and no nanny. The kids are playing on various rides, the clown's doing his thing, and the photogs are making money. Then in the distance, we hear a female voice calling for Damien. As the camera turns- what the?! The nanny's standing on the balcony of the house (no, not house, bloody mansion!) and saying "Look here Damien, it's all for you!" She then jumps off the balcony, and after falling as far as the rope would take her, slams into the pane of glass behind her. No screams, no movement. Just dead weight.

Betcha that while this was happening, Cathy Thorn was thinking "Ding dong, the hussy's dead!" while being hugged by her husband and trying to hide her child's eyes from the morbid site. Of course, Damien sees the Rotweiler and waves to it, who runs off, job accomplished.

So, Damien gets his first view of death. Looked like he enjoyed it too. Betcha he can't wait to start offing off his own enemies by the time he comes of age... Wonder what's gonna happen next? Well, I know. I just don't know how I'm gonna spit it out yet... :fool:

Who Am I?

Best Place to Start...

Best place to start, everyone tells us growing up (especially when we're in trouble), is to start at the beginning. And no, the beginning isn't going to be Genesis (though that would help a bit), nor is it going to be the ever aggravating Prologue to the Gospel of John (In the beginning was the Word...). Actually, I'm not gonna go that far back. Let's go back, back, waaaaaaaaaay back.....

To June 6, 1950, at 6 am (Yep, for some of us, that is way back :rofl: ), where some dude (right now I'm using the original movie version. Just wait til I do the scripts after the movies...) is driving like a madman through the streets of Rome. Nice car, wish I had one like that with special plates. Still trying to figure out if they drive the right way or not.

So the guy- turns out he's Robert Thorn (later we find out he's a rich kid who has connections up the wazoo!)- pulls up to a hospital and runs in like a chicken with his head cut off. Turns out the wife really, really wanted a kid (Guess she wanted to prove herself to her man that she was worth keeping), and was currently in labor in said hospital. So the Brother (from another Mother) tells Pappa Thorn that the baby died right after being born. So, rather being a man and telling his wife that the baby died, Thorn unofficially adopts a baby boy with a load of black hair. But... I had a lot of hair when I was a baby... Maybe... Eh, I'll save that for another day. And just like that, little Damien Thorn enters the world.

I'm going to stop here, can't just give my movie commentary so quickly. And besides, I need to figure out how I'm going to shred apart the movie script I have of it... Ooh, this will be fun.

Who Am I?

I finally got a chance to read the Omen IV: Armageddon script (courtesty of The Omen Chronicles- Unholy Words) this morning after having it sit in My Documents folder for months. I knew it was going to be awful, but I swore I'd give it a shot. Little did I know that it was going to be the Abomination that plagued my dreams for many nights.

I'm sorry, but it was truly appalling. They couldn't even give Damien's teenaged son (yes, I know, in the movie version it was a girl, but that's for another rant) a bloody name in the damned script! I was ready to make him another "It"! Plus the fact Damien's dead- Do not go there.

Now I haven't seen the movie version of the fourth Omen- in my most (unholiest) of humble opinions, the canon with the movies starts with Omen and ends with The Final Conflict- except where Damien dies. No offense to the director and those who came up with the final script, but I do remember Bugenhagen (Batty old b******* that he was) saying that you needed to use all seven daggers to completely kill the Antichrist (as see in the script for Omen IV: Armageddon, where Paul 'kills' Damien officially, thereby offing the son), one for the body, the other six locking the spirit in the fiery pits of hell. *shakes head in utter contempt and disbelief* Can't they get the flow of the damned thing right.

So here's what supposed to happen *rips out a dusty bible from who knows when*... Damien gets stabbed by the traitorous lover Kate Reynolds (who in the Aramageddon script I have is pregnant with Damien's kid) with one dagger. But, there's this part the script writers forgot...

"I saw on of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; they worshiped the beast the dragon because he gave authority to the beast; and they worshipped the beast "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage with him." (Courtesy of Revelation 13:3-4)

So, Damien shouldn't have died (unless you're like me and you're writing a fanfic where Damien does die physically, but... crap, sounds exactly like the stuff I'm whining about.)! The 'fatal' wound caused by Kate stabbing him should have healed, and Damien could then go back to hunting down the Christ child and kill it. But no. Hollywood had to go and screw it up royally for the fans.... Can't wait until I get to Omen II for more favorable opinions and posts. And Neff. I should set up a second blog for the Neff and nothing but the Neff so help me Neff. :notworthy: All hail Neff...

Okay, that bout of insanity's gone. I think. Well, until the next time when I have to write about our favorite Sergeant turned FBI agent...

Who Am I?

Long Live Damien Thorn!

Wow, for the first time I get a chance to freely express my slightly obsessive devotion to the Trilogy known as Omen. For all of you that know the series, yes, I know there was a fourth one with a girl named Delia, but that is sacriledge in my eyes. Omen shouldn't have went the path it did, considering Damien wasn't dead (idiots!). But that will have to wait until I get to The Final Conflict in my rants.

Chances are, Omen (the first one) will have very little writings about, since of the original three it was my least favorite- probably cause Gregory Peck had to play a wuss who couldn't kill a child, up and until the wife died. Damien (Omen II) will have many writings on, as it has Lance in it as Sergeant Neff (can't go wrong there!) and explains the antichrist as a teen and how he discovers who he is. The Final Conflict (Omen III...duh) is also high on my list, number two really just because Damien dies when he shouldn't have. So when I get to those two movies, be sure to keep coming back because I will have many things to say, and a lot of characters to praise and despise. And yes, I will be doing my own rants on Armageddon. The Abomination also known as Delia- she who must not be named (aka by me as 'It').

So sit back, relax, and join me as I delve into... The Omen Zone *insert Main Theme here*



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