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Our staff blog contains news and updates about This Is Who We Are. This is a 'group blog', in which any of our staff team can post entries.

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The Old Man

The latest version of our board's software is coming very soon, it was recently released and I've been waiting for the first maintenance update to be released which is always a good idea, but there's one feature change in particular which I don't like and I know will upset some of our members here...

The software makers have decided in their infinite wisdom to only have one graphic to identify members, that will be their photo from their profile. Yes, avatars are officially no more. When upgrading the board's software, a choice now appears asking whether to keep avatars or photos to identify members, (if selected, avatars would become photos). I have expressed my disappointment to the developers, as have many others, but so far there has been no change of policy.

However, what this means is that you can still use your avatar for your photo (but sorry no Flash avatars as far as I know) and it will appear next to your posts and messages if you wish, but you can only have one image active at a time where as before you could have 2, your profile photo and an avatar.

Its possible that they may change their minds in the future, or a mod may be released to bring back the facility.

Another omission worth nothing...

The note box in your My Settings (UserCP) area has been removed. It is a hold-over from years past and doesn't seem to make sense in community software. If you are one of the very few people who use this: please make a copy of your notes before we upgrade.

The Old Man

In the third look at the new Text Editor functionality coming soon to IP Board and subsequently TIWWA, chief programmer Matt Mecham reveals more about the cool new features that we can look forward to seeing later this year...

This entry rounds up our series of blogs on the new text editor and how we've enhanced other areas of the interface that use it. I recently introduced the new text editor and then showed you some basic integration such as fast reply and instant quote.

I want to now show you the last piece of this feature set and resolve a common issue when making a reply. Quite often you're on a busy board such as ours and you're using the fast reply to make a post and when submit the post you realise that others have posted in the mean time making your reply either redundant or out of context.

To solve this, IP.Board now checks at regular intervals to see if any new posts have come through and if so, you can add them to the page.


This screen shot shows the inline notification stating that there are new replies. Clicking on the link adds the replies into the topic.

This video shows the system working. Note, for this demo I increased the polling frequency to every few seconds.

So how does it work? Will it crash my server?

It's a bit clever and no! When you start typing you trigger the polling action which checks every 3 minutes for new posts. This is a very fast and light query that requires far fewer resources than a simple page refresh. It will continue polling until you either add the reply or an hour has passed. We added this upper limit to prevent instances where a reply is started but then the member changes tabs, etc.

I hope you enjoy this feature and all the new functionality we've added in this crucial area. Making posts is the very lifeblood of your forum and making it easier to contribute can only increase the number of posts made.

The Old Man

In the second look at the new Text Editor functionality coming soon to IP Board and subsequently TIWWA, chief programmer Matt Mecham reveals more about the cool new features that we can look forward to seeing later this year...

I recently introduced the new text editor in 3.2.0. This new text editor brings a robust rich text editor coupled with custom BBCode and an auto-save feature.

Today, I wanted show some user interface and usability improvements we've made in this area.

Firstly, where space is tight or where you don't want to be overwhelmed with the text editor, it is shown 'minimised'. The screenshot below shows this minimised state and the editor looks just like a regular HTML text area that everyone is familiar with.


Upon clicking the text area to begin making your post, it'll expand into the full editor ready for use:


We've also gone ahead and added 'Ajax reply' and 'Ajax quoting'. This improves the responsiveness of IP.Board by removing the page reloads and gives it more of an 'app' feel by posting and updating the page instantly.

I've taken a short video of this in action. Please note that you are viewing an in-development feature so the final design is not set for both the board and the editor and also that I'm currently working in "development" mode with CKEditor which means that there is a slight pause as it loads. This will not be the case when we package it up for release.

We hope that you enjoy these enhancements to commonly used areas and that it makes a common task more enjoyable. Please do keep in mind that cosmetic style issues and such will be addressed in future blog entries.

The Old Man

In the first look at the new Text Editor functionality coming soon to IP Board and subsequently TIWWA, chief programmer Matt Mecham reveals more about the cool new features that we can look forward to seeing later this year...

Nearly ten years ago, IP.Board shipped with a pretty advanced functional editor that allowed you to quickly format your text in a rough "WYSIWYG" format. This was an exciting technology. As the main browsers started adding better support for this functionality we updated our own code to keep up.

The internet is a constantly evolving space and web browsers and technology rise and fall and keeping up with these changes gets harder and harder. This is why we've added a new editor to 3.2.0 that is developed by a dedicated team outside of Invision Power Services.

IP.Board 3.2.0 will come with the excellent CKEditor as standard. It's a well developed and well tested editor that is very extensible. It's constantly updated which means that we simply have to update the version that comes with IP.Board to get all the latest fixes.

In general use, the new editor is much better at "WYSIWYG" (rich text editing) than our own current implementation and we've extended it further.

Please keep in mind that the screenshots and videos below are using a very early development copy of IP.Board 3.2.0 and the editor will likely be skinned in a little more to match IP.Board before we release.

All the usual IP.Board tools are present

We've written a lot of plug-ins so that no functionality is lost. Admins can still create custom BBcodes and add buttons to the editor easily and you can still use your own smilies.



Switching between modes

We love the new editor and as it supports nearly all major browsers, it's the first choice for replying and adding new topics. However, there are times when you want to edit the BBCode directly and with that in mind, you can switch between rich text editing mode and simple text mode without a page reload.

Auto Saving Text

A new and really handy feature we've added is auto save. As you type, the editor checks to see if there's any new content and if there is, it'll ping off via Ajax to save what you've written. If anything happens to your page, upon reloading you'll see it's stored your content and you can quickly restore it. You won't lose another post to a browser crash or server time out.


IP.Board saves as you go.


A refresh without posting allows you to view and optionally restore any content that has been auto saved.

We hope that you enjoy the new editor in IP.Board 3.2.0 and the extra functionality we've added. We're excited to use it ourselves!

The Old Man

Work is now under way on IP.Board 3.2 (the software that powers This is who we are) and our software's creators have started to divulge some of the great changes you can expect to see in the next upcoming major release. In the spirit of keeping everyone up to date, this entry in a series of future blog entries is based upon their ongoing announcements where I'll filter out the main benefits and changes for members and staff but rest assurred there are other behind the scenes changes which will bring improved speed and functionality too.

New Text Editor


  • New editor and auto-save
  • Cleaner interface, quick reply, quick quoting
  • New post alert while typing reply
    We've covered the new text editor in additional blog entries, just go to the to see them now!

    Member Profile Enhancements
    Starting with:
    • New Photo Editor

    Calendar Improvements

    One area of IP.Board that IPS wanted to spend some time improving was the calendar, and this blog entry is the first of several outlining changes and improvements you can expect to see in the calendar with IP.Board 3.2.

    Expect to see the following Calender improvements, covered in greater detail below:

      [*]Improved Layout and Design[*]Improved Consistency[*]Search Engine Optimisation improvements[*]RSVP Invitations

      Improved layout and design.

      While they are not ready to go into detail about some of these other changes just yet, the software designers are making other changes that closely relate to SEO in the general structure and layout of Calendar. For instance, they have consolidated all event posting pages into one, so there is just one "Add Event" button now, and they are changing the current daily view to less-closely resemble the event view. IPS feel these two views being essentially duplicates of each other is not only confusing to the user, but may be seen as duplicate pages by some search engines while crawling your site (if you view a day that has one event, and the event directly, the output is nearly identical, even though they are two separate views within Calendar).

      Improved consistency with the rest of the site.

      IPS are continuing to make improvements to Calendar to both bring it more in line with the rest of the suite of products and to modernize the application and make it more functional and useful.


      With the next update of Calendar, you will now be able to rate events very much like you can rate topics now. Ratings are saved through AJAX, just like with topics, falling back to a normal page load and redirect if javascript is disabled on the user's browser. You can control on a per-calendar basis which permission masks have permission to rate events within the calendar. If the user has permission to change their rating via their user group configuration, they will be able to change their previously rating for any event in Calendar as well.



      As with posts within the forums, you will now be able to give the member who submits an event reputation when viewing the event in Calendar. The reputation box displays just like it would for a forum post, allowing users to quickly and easily understand the interface and functionality. By allowing reputation to be issued for event submissions in Calendar, it provides incentive to users to submit events in our Calendar, making it all the more useful for the entire community!



      In our continued effort to increase consistency and functionality in Calendar, we have also implemented attachments for Calendar in the next update. When submitting or editing an event, the standard attachment uploader will be shown on the event posting form. You will be able to submit attachments, just like you would be able to for posts in the forum. You can embed the attachments anywhere within the event content, or let Calendar just append the attachments to the end of the event information, again just like a post within the forum. Attachments may be useful for Calendar to share an event poster or flyer, to share coupons for an event, or to attach documentation users may need to be informed of prior to the event, just to name a few uses.




      Users can now optionally elect to be notified of new or updated events in Calendar, allowing TIWWA to notify users of changes to the Calendar that they may elect to be informed about. Previous versions of Calendar provided no way to push information to the user to notify them of changes in Calendar. Any user interested in an event saved to your Calendar would need to manually check on it periodically to verify any changes made to the event, which we can agree is certainly not an optimal experience or expectation. As of the next version of Calendar, users can follow both individual calendars and individual events, allowing them to be notified of additions to calendars they are following, and updates to events they follow. By letting Calendar notify users of changes, the software becomes more functional and useful in it's prime goal, sharing event-based data with the community.



      TIWWA members will soon be able to comment on events submitted to Calendar. We can control on a per-calendar basis which member groups can comment on events in each calendar, and we can also specify whether comments must be moderated prior to becoming visible (again, on a per-calendar basis). Comments in Calendar use the central commenting class of IP.Board, meaning it works identically to all other applications (e.g., identical to the blog commenting system at the bottom of this page), allowing for a consistent interface users can understand and utilize without having to learn how to use yet another posting screen. If a user opts to follow an event to be notified of updates to the event, they will also be notified of comments made on the event, allowing TIWWA to better communicate updates to users about content they are interested in, and driving more activity within the Calendar in the process.



      Alongside commenting, users can now "like" calendars and events (the aforementioned "follow" capability), giving them the opportunity to either show their support for the calendar/event, to be notified of updates to the calendar/event, or both. As with our Blog, Downloads etc., the Like system is a central class within our software that is reused within Calendar, again to provide a consistent interface to members so that they can learn and understand once, and expect to use throughout the entire site.



      The general use share strip that you see below each topic (and elsewhere throughout our suite of applications) has been added to Calendar. This allows mebers to share events through social networking sites, through email, or even to print an event's details out with their printer. As Facebook support is enabled at TIWWA, the Facebook "Like" button will also show up for the member, allowing them to share the event on Facebook. This is likely to drive activity to TIWWA as the user's friends see this content shared on Facebook and follow it through to TIWWA, where they may be interested and join our site...a win-win!


      Search Engine Optimisation improvements

      including improved Friendly URLS, Meta Tags, support for hCalendar Microformat).

      RSVP Invitations

      The Concept

      Often times you will find that when creating an event on your community you want to allow users the opportunity to let you know if they will be attending or not. This is useful for both real-world events (i.e. a club meetup at a coffee shop) and for online-only events (i.e. a developer seminar). As the event organizer you may need to know how many people will be attending, and/or if specific users will be attending. It is useful to have a way to allow users to signal that they will be attending the event.

      In the "real world", this is usually done through what is known as "RSVP". Basically, an RSVP is a notification from a participant to the event organizer that the participant will be attending the event.

      In the next version of Calendar, users will have the ability to create events that request attendees to RSVP for the event.

      Creating and responding to an RSVP event

      Creating an RSVP-requested event is as simple as checking a box on the event submission form.

      When viewing an RSVP-requested event, a new box will be shown to the user to signal that the event organizer requests attendees to RSVP, and who has already RSVPed for the event.


      When you click on the RSVP button in the RSVP area, your participation status will be saved through AJAX and the attendee list will be dynamically updated. Note that if javascript is disabled, your status is saved through a normal browser redirect screen fallback.


      If you have permission to remove attendees (as I do in this screenshot), a delete icon will show next to each attendee, affording you the opportunity to remove them from the list.

      Wrapping Up

      While we have some ideas in mind for future versions of Calendar to possibly expand the system as implemented presently, we wanted to go with a clear, simple and straight-forward approach for this first implementation of the RSVP system that we feel will be easily understood by your users (and thus, more likely to be used properly by your users as well). Creating an RSVP event is as simple as checking a box (if you have permission to do so), and signaling your attendance is as simple as clicking a button (again, if you have permission to do so). We feel this approach will make the feature more likely to be used, while still allowing us opportunities to expand the feature in the future.

      We hope you enjoyed this blog entry and hope you'll keep an eye out for future related entries in our Staff Blog, some of which are already available! :ouroborous:

The Old Man

I hope you like the special Valentine's Day theme! Did you know that Feb 14th is also the tenth birthday of Millennium - This is who we are! Thanks for making a very special 10 years, I can hardly believe its been a decade since the site launched!

Have a lovely, special and very romantic Valentine's Day! This is who we are!


The Old Man

We're very proud to highlight in our staff blog that Joseph McBrayer (known as HighPlainsDrifter), one of our highly popular and much-loved members at This Is Who We Are (TIWWA) has volunteered to help raise $500 of funds for children's cancer charity, St Baldricks, by shaving his head!

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. At St. Baldrick's events all throughout the year, brave volunteers shave their heads, raising funds for research. Like runners in a marathon, "shavees" collect donations from family, friends and associates. The Foundation receives these funds and makes grants to research experts to find new and better treatments for fighting kids' cancer.

The Foundation funds local institutions and cooperative research on a national scale to help doctors work together to develop the best treatments for all children with cancer. The St. Baldrick's Foundation provides grants to over 230 institutions for laboratory research and to help make clinical trials available to more children than ever, giving those children treatment that offers the best chance for a cure and long-term survival.

Since 2000, St. Baldrick's has raised more than $69 million USD by hosting more than 2,500 events and shaving more than 108,000 heads in 24 countries and all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.


Joe's Donation page at St Baldricks's can be found here:


Joe posts, "With having family members that had died from cancer and a close friend that survived cancer I have joined a great organization that helps the cause. They are called St.Baldricks. I am looking for donations to help children with cancer, I am shaving my head for this. If you can help by please donate to this cause."

We're hoping that you can help Joe achieve his goal of raising $500, its really easy to do, just go to his page and click on the Make a Donation button. I was able to make a donation from the UK in minutes, with no registration required. If you're a TIWWA Member, you may like to use the option to display your member name instead of your real name, its completely up to you!

TIWWA wishes Joe every success with this worthwhile challenge and is very proud to sponsor him!

The Old Man

We're pleased to announce increased support for Facebook at This is who we are! We recently let Mark loose with configuring Facebook Connect which will allow increased exposure, improved facilities and easier interaction and registration for the Millennium community. In similar fashion to our increased Twitter support added in 2010, visitors and existing members at TIWWA can now quickly register and/or sign in with their existing Facebook credentials which will provide the optional ability to sync their Facebook profile picture with their profile picture and/or avatar here at TIWWA as well as their status and "About me" information, again like Twitter can be fully synchronised in the same way.

These options are available in your 'My Settings' pages, available by clicking on the drop down member menu to the right of your name, at the top of the board.

My Settings > Profile tab > Manage Facebook Connect (or Manager Twitter Connect if you prefer)

You will need to connect with Facebook or Twitter before you can configure your options at TIWWA. If you do not see the Facebook button, try logging out of Facebook or Twitter and reloading the page.

The 'Like' and 'Share on Facebook' settings will also be optimised to link to your Facebook page, similar to how the 'Share on Twitter' option links up to your Twitter page if you have Twitter. TIWWA features brand new content sharing tools, letting our members share community content across the internet. We include support for all the major social networking and new aggregation services, and with now Facebook as well as Twitter, our members don't even need to leave our site (other options open a new window instead). We've also included a new sidebar block which shows the most shared content in our community, and you will find improved facilities for liking and sharing content in our Blogs and Downloads section now, with improved support coming in our brand new Gallery application very soon.

To summarise, TIWWA now supports Twitter & Facebook authentication, meaning users can join our community by signing in with their Twitter or Facebook account. They can sync their Twitter profile background with their profile within your community. What's more, status updates made by them can be automatically posted to Twitter and/or Facebook - and their updates from those sites automatically posted to TIWWA.

Don't forget you can also find us at Facebook as The Millennium Group, check us out and don't forget to start Sharing and 'Liking' content!


If you're not into Facebook or Twitter, don't forget you can still use the 'Like' and 'Unlike' buttons by our content to subscribe to content and get update notifications.For example, you can like a Blog, or a Blog entry, or get updates when a download is updated in our Downloads section.

The Old Man

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed the fantastic Christmas festivities at here at TIWWA brought to you by the Mark and his team of amazing Blackcoats. I'd like to extend a special thank you in particular to Mark, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Steven Kiley, Glen Morgan, Kristen Cloke, Kay Reindl, Vajra Wright, Jósef, Darlene, Lisa and Steven Paul Katzenmoyer who brought us some brilliant content, completions, prizes, fun and games. Congratulations again to James P. Davies, Heath and Ana for being the winners of our special Lucy Butler Christmas competition!

If you've only just or recently joined us here at This is who we are, don't worry, the special Midnight of the Century 2010 forum containing all of our Christmas fun and games will moved into the Blackcoats Events Archive as a sub-forum over the coming weeks so fear not, the content will still be available for you to check out and enjoy.

So here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!



Dear friends,

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a truly wonderful festive season and in doing so invite you all to spend it in the company of fellow Millennium fans who have come together to extend a little warmth to each other and enjoy the show they love this Christmas.

From Wednesday 22nd December our 'Midnight Of The Century' celebrations begin and continue into the new year and we have a number of special events for fans to enjoy as the results of our Lucy Butler Audio Tale are revealed and the lucky winner will hear their Christmas chiller read exclusively by Lucy Butler herself, Sarah-Jane Redmond. Our celebrated vidder, Josef has created a stunning musical treat to celebrate the season, composer Steven Paul Katzenmoyer has created an exclusive composition to pay tribute to the episode "Midnight Of The Century" and our bloggers and writers, Darlene and Lisa have written a couple of superb articles on the subjects of Frank Black and the seasonal episode we are celebrating.


If that wasn't enough there is still ample time to make a purchase of the scent

'Midnight Of The Century' which was created by perfumier Vajra Wright with permission from the episode's writer Kay Reindl with a donation made to charity for each and every purchase. Fans dropping by will also have an opportunity to win a signed copy of the festive horror film "Black Christmas" kindly donated by Millennium's luminaries Glen Morgan and Kristen Cloke, an opportunity to win a signed photograph of Tucker Smallwood as Millennium's Steven Kiley that he very kindly donated to our Killer Karaoke Competition and to put the cherry on the top we have the first Millennium comic strip created exclusively for www.tiwwa.info by artist and illustrator Barry Renshaw. Yep, Frank Black's back in action this Christmas and what a long time coming it has been.

As you can see we have plenty to get your teeth into and I do hope you will all drop by to partake of the fun.

So here's to the Midnight Of The Century and to all of you....

A Very Millennium Christmas.

Mark Hayden ethsnafu

The Old Man

It's festive news for Millennium fans, as the first two of our planned Christmas themes are now available! Simply select from the skin/theme drop down menu at the bottom left of your screen...:win17:

Christmas Noel (current default skin)

Christmas Noel is a beautiful holiday skin presenting Mr. and Ms. Frosty in beautiful shades of red and green with silver and gold accents. This skin was enhanced even more this year with MANY new additions in hand made graphics and MANY new custom edits to make this skin even more amazing that it ever was before!

White Christmas

The White Christmas Skin is a beautiful frosty the snowman and friends skin with a nice winter effect, lots of animated sparkles, lots of hand crafted, highly detailed, animated graphics, many skin customizations and so much Christmas cheer your Millennium fans will be reaching for pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, and possibly some very excellent, fat-free eggnog! This skin was also enhanced even more this year with MANY new additions in hand made graphics and MANY new custom edits to make this skin even more amazing that it ever was before!

"Ho - Ho - Ho, Sir Black!" :connie_xmas-moose:

As always, the standard TIWWA default theme is still available if you prefer (Bah! Humbug!) :christmas3ds0:

The Old Man

It is with great pleasure that I extend both congratulations and a warm welcome to two respected TIWWA members Richard and Laura, who as of today have made the transition from Candidate to the the Elder Staff Team.


WaveCrest and SpooktalkGiGi, Richard and Laura will this weekend be recovering from their traditional blood letting riverside ceremonies (you should have seen the Health and Safety Risk Assessment forms we had to complete) that take place in a secret location near Bucksnort, following a competitive and highly traditional selection process that you may find somewhat familiar:

Possibly better known for their TIWWA Member Display Names of


Richard and Laura are incredibly well respected on the board, considered a pleasure to talk with and always so helpful to members and welcoming to new TIWWA fans finding their way here.

Their commitment and dedication to the Millennium community on this website has not gone unnoticed from their contributions as TIWWA Blackcoats and from member feedback. Their efforts to welcome new members to the forums and to get involved in so many topics has also not gone unnoticed. Laura and Richard's posts are always a pleasure to read and they are respected contributors that I receive many complimentary comments about.

At This is who we are, we are fortunate that moderator action is seldom needed thanks to the maturity and shared high values of the Millennium fan community. However, we like to make sure that there is always someone logging in each day from various time-zones who have the power to act on anything that breaches our Board Guidelines, is considered spam or junk advertising or that is harmful or disrespectful to the valued posters who combine to make up our amazing community. Elder staff members need to be able to display tact, discretion and diplomacy when deal politely but firmly with members during situations that crop up from time to time, especially when members discuss the more controversial elements of Millennium. We also look for staff who appreciate and respect that our members should feel confident that they can post and express their thoughts and opinions openly, provided that they are respectful to others at all times. Both Richard and Laura exceed these pre-requisites and they will be a huge addition to our team.


The Old Man

The autumnal Thanksgiving inspired 'Pumpkin Patch' skin theme from IBSkin.com is back and now available as the default skin at TIWWA.

Pumpkin Patch is a cheerful autumn skin in beautiful warm earth-tone gradients with amazing artistic detail, many custom extras and everything you need to bring in the fall season!

Alternatively, if its not for you, you can select another theme or the standard TIWWA Default Theme from your skin chooser menu at the bottom left of the page!

The Old Man

Halloween 2010

We hope you enjoyed Halloween and our special seasonal theme will remain the default until 2nd November. Afterwards it will remain available to choose from the skin/theme drop-down list/changer at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your comments and feedback!
The Old Man
Following a few months of hard work and some very late nights during which time I've been a bit of a recluse at TIWWA, and as previously mentioned in our staff blog, I'm pleased to announce that the newly overhauled Lance Henriksen Magic is now officially open, and which will make it all the more enjoyable and fun to take an interest in the career of the enigmatic Lance Henriksen.

I'm thrilled to say that Lance Henriksen Magic will now be brought to you with the kind assistance of Mark Hayden (aka ethsnafu) and Libby! Both Mark and Libby you may already know help me successfully run This is who we are.

Mark in particular will be helping me to bring you more news concerning Lance Henriksen and his career on a more frequent basis, whilst Libby will be helping oversee the brand new community forums section of the site. The new site is easier to navigate and use, contains the same classic archive of Lance goodness, but is now a new feature-laden social website where fans can discuss Lance's career, classic roles and his latest projects with like-minded individuals, who appreciate Lance's career and his amazing talent.

[/clear]We look forward to chatting with you on the new site, we hope you enjoy the facilities it has to offer and we look forward to you sharing your favourite Lance video's fan tributes/art/video compilations and clips of Lance's film moments with a potentially much larger audience that we currently have here as TIWWA is solely focussed on Lance's work on Millennium.


Graham, Libby and Mark.
The Old Man

As some of you may know, I took over Lance Henriksen Magic a few years back after the original creator suddenly removed the site. The site has been in need of a major overhaul for quite some time, although some improvements have been made and news about Lance Henriksen continues to be posted.

I'm very pleased to confirm that an overhaul of Lance Henriksen Magic is now currently under way, new financial investment will bring a brand-new modern and easy to use social website but better still, I'm excited to announce that the site will now be brought to you with the kind assistance of some very familiar and well-loved names from TIWWA, Mark Hayden (ethsnafu) and Libby!

Mark in particular will be helping me to bring you more news concerning Lance Henriksen and his career on a more frequent basis, whilst Libby will be helping oversee the brand new community forums section of the site.

I can confirm that the site and forums will be very familiar to use as we're using the same amazing software that we use at TIWWA but expect some additional features and differences:A brand new Community Forums - Chat and discuss Lance Henriksen with many more fans beyond the scope of Millennium with full Facebook and Twitter integration, status updates etc.

  • A brand new Community Gallery - Share photos and view images of Lance Henriksen from his many roles such as Bishop in Aliens, upload and share photos of convention appearances live from your iPhone or Android mobile...
  • A brilliant new dedicated Community Videos section - View, share and comment on Vimeo and Youtube video content similar to a gallery featuring Lance related videos, film trailers, video clips, convention videos, fan tribute videos etc. Post a new film trailer for a Lance film and our site will automatically create a new discussion topic for you in the forums
  • A brand new Links Manager - Share and discover links to other Lance Henriksen websites, official movie sites etc.
  • A brand new, extremely powerful but easy to use Content and Articles section which will host our new and existing archive of News Articles, all of the relevant content from the old site and which will allow forum members to rate and add comments directly and easily to news articles.

We're currently very busy setting up the site and importing older content from LHM, so far now please enjoy a few images to wet your appetite until hopefullly we will see you over at Lance Henriksen Magic, our new sister site...

The Old Man

We hope you're all enjoying the new enhanced Status functionality at This is who we are which have taken on a life of their own! kicking.gif

Yes, they're wonderful speedy micro-conversations that are fun to follow, but did you know that there is now a page dedicated to Status Updates, where you can quickly view all recent updates, or quickly view and reply just your friend's updates?

The link is at the bottom of the Recent Status Updates block on the main board index called View All Updates.

blogentry-1-004883300 1276707568_thumb.j

The Old Man

A few days ago we upgraded to the very latest version of our Community Software. Every upgrade brings new features and enhancements to make your time here more fun, exciting and useful! This blog entry contains a look at some of these latest features at TIWWA that you don't want to miss!

#1 Customise your profile!

Your profile at TIWWA is a special place all about you, and the great news is that it is now customisable if you have made more than 10 posts!

Upload or link to any image to give your profile a more personal or perhaps a seasonal look!

Here's some examples to inspire you!

blogentry-1-097523000 1275740760_thumb.j blogentry-1-040404600 1275740772_thumb.j blogentry-1-044195200 1275740790_thumb.j blogentry-1-097099100 1275740797_thumb.j blogentry-1-001021900 1275816800_thumb.j

To customise your profile, either click on the Edit Profile link when viewing your profile or choose the My Settings link in your user drop down menu.

From the profil tab in your settings, choose Profile Customisation from the left menu. From there you can link to an image online, upload an image (up to 250kb), and/or change your profiles background colour. Tiling an image is great for small images as they repeat across your profile. A handy tip is to have your profile open in another broswer tab or window and then you can just quickly reload/refresh the page to see what your new changes look like.

#2 Enhanced Status Updates!

Status Updates at TIWWA have been incredibly popular and have now been taken to the next logical step by allowing archived statuses and status replies.

A recent addition is the ability to locks a status update. A normal member can lock their status to prevent comments from other members, although TIWWA Staff can over-ride this and reply and/or unlock the status.

Members can receive email notifications when a reply is made to their status, or a reply is made to a status they have commented on. This will continually drive traffic at TIWWA and encourage more interaction between members!

#3 Twitter Integration!

Twitter integration is now enabled, meaning members can now link their account with their Twitter account! If you have a Twitter account, they you may use this to register a new forum account if you are new to TIWWA or to "connect" your existing account with their Twitter account.

Integrating your Twitter account allows you to use your Twitter profile picture and description on the board. You can also import your latest Twitter status onto the board, or post your board status to Twitter. If your forum status is longer than 140 characters, it will cut the status off and automatically add a Bit.ly URL pointing to your forum status update! You may note that each status update on the forum has a little icon showing where the status originated.

You can also import your Twitter background as your profile background (see above: Customise your Profile!)

blogentry-1-028900200 1275752803_thumb.j

blogentry-1-034787000 1275752813_thumb.j

These improvements should increase registrations at TIWWA and generate more traffic to it.

Facebook intergration is also available and we will likely enable this too allowing for the same use as with Twitter for those who want to make use of it.

#4 Link Sharing!

Easily share links from TIWWA to your Facebook wall, Twitter page, and more. Great way to drive traffic in both directions!

blogentry-1-040664300 1275815815_thumb.j

As most Facebook and Twitter users have discovered, sometimes you see a link to a great article or topic and want to share it with your friends and followers. This new feature makes this very easy to do. You don't even have to leave the page to do it.

If you have connected your forum account to Twitter and Facebook, then clicking on the share link icon for those services loads a pop-up enabling you to tailor your content before sending it. Of course, there are many more places to share links which is why we've included a few other methods by default and its very easy to add more.

Of course, if you don't have your account linked to Twitter or Facebook, the standard "share" link is launched for each service. The other services act like this too, a new window is opened with the service's share page loaded and filled in.

It's no secret how social media has improved how we share data to each other and this feature allows TIWWA to gain more exposure using existing services. The seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter lowers the barrier for sharing our content!

#5 Topic Preview!

Preview the first few lines of a topic without loading the entire topic. Whilst inside a forum, when you 'mouse over' a topic entry, you'll see a little 'pop-up' icon.

blogentry-1-098265100 1275743200_thumb.j

Clicking this loads an excerpt from the first post along with some data underneath.

blogentry-1-035745300 1275743270_thumb.j

This feature adds a little more functionality and polish to the forum index allowing you to perform your daily routine a little quicker and a little easier.

#6 Notifications!

An easier way to be notified of all the various events that happen in our community! A new menu has been added next to your username dropdown in the top right corner of the page. The number of unread notifications is listed on this menu so that you can quickly see how many unread notifications you have.

blogentry-1-084792200 1275743014_thumb.j

When you click on the menu, a dropdown is loaded via AJAX displaying your last 10 notifications. Unread notifications are bolded to help you quickly identify them in the list.

blogentry-1-019696800 1275743071_thumb.j

Notifcations can be less intrusive that receiving a PM or e-mail every time someone leaves a comment on your profile! Use a notification instead!

blogentry-1-084930100 1275743380_thumb.j

There's a "View All" link at the bottom of the menu, allowing you to quickly go to your notifications list should you need to review further back than the last 10 notifications you received. An important note to make here - when you open your menu, all of your unread notifications will be marked as read. And finally, once you have no unread notifications, the styling of the menu will change so as to prevent it from drawing your attention as readily as when there are unread notifications for you to view.

To customise your settings, go to your My Settings page, under the Settings tab, look for Notification Options.

blogentry-1-074876000 1275743098_thumb.j

More features and improvements!

#7 Search Engine Overhaul

Search engine rebuilt from the ground up introducing more flexibility and power.

#8 New mobile skin!

Mobile skin for many popular devices to enable easy access to our community.

#9 Automatic Media Embedding!

Automatic parsing of YouTube and other media into posts. Post a link to a Youtube and it just shows!

#10 iPhone App! Android support coming soon.

blogentry-1-013227300 1275744433_thumb.p

The mobile market for communities has exploded and IPS have responded by offering a great, new mobile skin for communities like TIWWA and its applications. There are inherent limitations in a mobile skin that are difficult to work around such as image uploading, logging in, and more that are either impossible or just tedious on a mobile device. IPS have now introduced a new iPhone app to solve these issues and add new options!

You can add a list of all the IP.Board-powered communities like TIWWA that you visit and save your username/password to those communities in the app. You now have one-tap access to all the communities you visit. No need to tap out your login each time you wish to visit the community of your choice and easily switch between all the communities you visit!

Members can update their TIWWA profile status right within the app without having to navigate to any other page. Even better, if you use TIWWA's built-in Twitter and Facebook integrations, you can even update the status on TIWWA, your Facebook, and your Twitter all in one click! This allows your TIWWA to become the center of your online social experience!

You are able to upload images, videos, and camera shots directly from your iPhone to TIWWA! Members can select their source, write a caption, description, and even choose from the albums they have created at TIWWA to upload their media.

Two simple but easy sharing functions are available: open in Safari and email. Found a great topic on a community you visit and want to share it? Just click email and send it to a friend. You can also open the community in Safari to bookmark a page or perform other functions available in the OS browser.

We are happy to say that the IP.Board iPhone app will be available totally free to all! There are no ads from IPS in the app or anything intrusive that will distract from your community experience! This is the very first version of the iPhone app and IPS have tons of great ideas to improve it and will continue to do so over time.



TIWWA is a Millennium Community. There is no doubt about that but our admiration and appreciation for all things "Ten Thirteen" is reflected in the content our members share here as well as the flexibility the forum affords you all to indulge in your interests and passions.

I am a long time admirer of "The Lone Gunmen" and, in particular, the sterling work Stephen Snedden and Zuleikha Robinson contributed to the enduring popularity of a group of geeks that the "X-Files" made us fall in love with.

This is an interview I had always wanted to see. "The Lone Gunmen" never received the acclaim it deserved as a series and Stephen and Zuleikha rarely had a chance to tell their side of the story.

I approached Stephen about the possibility of an interview and was delighted when he demonstrated a passion for the show that surpassed my own. He was a joy to correspond with, a man of immense heart, and I am grateful to him for his time.

At first I thought the results would languish on my hard-drive but knowing I couldn't be the only fan of "The Lone Gunmen" out there I asked Graham for permission to share this with you all.

If you want to take a peak behind the scenes of that show and read the words of a superb actor who was an wonderful addition to a near perfect recipe then please check out the interview here and share your thoughts.

As it was said in the show, his kung foo is best. I couldn't put it better myself.




As TIWWA remains committed to its mandate to be the progressive face of Millennium Fandom, it is our intention to explore a new era in bringing enjoyable content to the supporters of our beloved franchise.

Forum Elders and our forum's founder, Graham P Smith, have entered into discussion about the possibility of exploring providing a service for you good people that utilises video as means to entertain, inform and unleash your creativity. Something we know you have boundless reserves of.

Today a topic was posted in the Blackcoat Forum that details what we have in mind and, hopefully, provides food for thought and encourages you all to dig deep and inspires you to contribute to an exciting and bold new era in fandom.

If you are unsure what The Blackcoats are then this post will explain it all.

We want to take the talent and admiration you all have for Millennium and encourage you to contribute to its continuing online presence. You don't have to consider yourself special, skilled or exceptional but we ask that each and every member who feels passionately about the show to consider contributing a little something to our intention to continue to celebrate it. As Graham has pointed out, there are incentives for doing so, joining The Blackcoats is fun and worthwhile. We appreciate your time and talent and you will be rewarded for this as much as we are able.

So, are you interested in taking part in the new era of Millennium Fandom? Do you want to know more about it or volunteer your services to the TIWWA Blackcoats? If the answer is yes then drop me a personal a message and I will add you to the ranks and you will be able to see what we have in store.

As Millennium so neatly put it: "We are not prepared to sit back and wait for a happy ending."

This is who we are!

Mark Hayden

The Old Man


Once again (following the recent Easter activities), TIWWA's special team of community volunteers, our honourable TIWWA Blackcoats, have served us proud!

The recent celebration of Lance Henriksen's 70th birthday was superb and I cannot thank the Blackcoats enough. Similarly, I want to thank everyone who took part, contributed content and helped to publicise the events on their websites including the Millennium Facebook Group, websites in the X-Files community and of course Frank Spotnitz's Big Light Productions.

The feedback has been superb and inspirational! The fantastic video's Frank's Finest Moments by Dirt and 35 Years of Lance Henriksen by Josef were simply unmissable!

If you missed it, fear not, all of the special content including the birthday messages and videos from Mark Snow, M R Sellars, Brett Hart, Peter Outerbridge, Marshall Bell etc are still available to enjoy in our special and permanent archived forum.

About our TIWWA Blackcoats

The TIWWA Blackcoats are regular contributor members of TIWWA who have gone the extra mile and kindly volunteered to help create special content (fun, games, events etc) in order to celebrate, promote or highlight special events or seasonal themes. They take their name from Millennium's criminal profiler Frank Black, and inspiration from the famous Redcoats (its a Brit thing!).

It's important for us to acknowledge and highlight their support within the community, and so a special member group was created called TIWWA Blackcoats which has a higher level of upload attachment space, great capacity for PM's etc. TIWWA Blackcoats are instantly recognisable by having a special badge next to their posts, and have their own special project forums where they can plan and discuss events.

TIWWA's Blackcoat Members

The Blackcoats currently consist of the following members:

  • ethsnafu
  • Earthnut
  • WaveCrest
  • Walkabout
  • donkeyjote
  • XFLexiconMatt
  • SpooktalkGiGi
  • ty7du
  • Blackoil

To join the Blackcoats, simply contact Ethsnafu or any other member of our Elder moderating team, and we'll add you to the TIWWA Blackcoats as soon as we can.

My sincerest gratitude is extended to Mark (ethsanfu) for overseeing and managing the TIWWA Blackcoat volunteers, and for his time, energy and support in coordinating the celebrations to mark Lance Henriksen's 70th Birthday.



Wednesday May 5th sees Lance Henriksen reach the grand age of 70 years young and as this is a milestone birthday the Millennium Fan Community (thanks to the inspiration of our founder, Graham P Smith) decided it was right and proper to mark the occasion in style and bring as many people together at www.tiwwa.info to celebrate the continuing career of one of the acting profession's brightest luminaries. To help the occasion go with a "boom boom" we have some super articles and videos looking back over Lance's stellar career and celebrating his achievements in various roles with a special emphasis on Frank Black. We have an exclusive comic strip bringing "Frank Black" back in his first adventure for over a decade (courtesy of artist and writer, Barry Renshaw with an ongoing series to follow), contributions from Millennium cast and crew members, Mark Snow, Peter Outerbridge, Robert McLachlan and Marshall Bell and from Movie Director and Writer, Brett Hart and Author M R Sellars. In addition to which we have games, an especially commissioned birthday anthem, seventy reasons why we love Lance Henriksen and much, more more.

Special thanks must be afforded to Matt Allair of www.x-fileslexicon.com and Laura and Frank of http://www.spooktalkular.com/ for their contributions and as the week unfolds we expect more surprises and fun.

As we look forward to celebrating Lance Henriksen's 70th Birthday, with the great and the good assembled, it is also time to announce the third outing of our Millennium Skype Chat Group, "Millennium: The Family". We are inviting each and every one of you to join us on Friday May 7th 8:00 GMT as we take a look back at the continuing career of Lance Henriksen and the plethora of roles he has become famous for creating (with a little more emphasis on Frank Black of course).

As always, we endeavour to keep the flame alive and hope that you will all join us on Wednesday May 5th to do so but, more importantly, we hope you will raise a glass to Lance Henriksen. Happy Birthday Lance, long may you reign.

Mark Hayden

The Old Man

New and existing members at This is who we are now have the choice to log into our community using the popular OpenID functionality for those with OpenID accounts or whom would like to start using one.

Please note that this is an optional service for existing or new OpenID members and we are unable to provide technical support. Please see the OpenID website for more information. No changes have been made to your account at TIWWA.

You can associate an OpenID identity URL with your account by click on My Settings from the user menu (by your photo). Enter your OpenID under the Settings tab.

When you next log in (or out and back in), you will see the option to log in with OpenID.

A little about OpenID from their website...

What is OpenID?

OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords.

You may choose to associate information with your OpenID that can be shared with the websites you visit, such as a name or email address. With OpenID, you control how much of that information is shared with the websites you visit.

With OpenID, your password is only given to your identity provider, and that provider then confirms your identity to the websites you visit. Other than your provider, no website ever sees your password, so you don't need to worry about an unscrupulous or insecure website compromising your identity.

OpenID is rapidly gaining adoption on the web, with over one billion OpenID enabled user accounts and over 50,000 websites accepting OpenID for logins. Several large organizations either issue or accept OpenIDs, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Sears, Universal Music Group, France Telecom, Novell, Sun, Telecom Italia, and many more.


OpenID is the fast, easy and secure way to sign in to websites. Here are just a few benefits to using OpenID.

Accelerate Sign Up Process at Your Favorite Websites

Most websites ask for an extended, repetitive amount of information in order to use their application. OpenID accelerates that process by allowing you to sign in to websites with a single click. Basic profile information (such as your name, birth date and location) can be stored through your OpenID and used to pre-populate registration forms, so you spend more time engaging with a website and less time filling out registration pages.

Reduce Frustration Associated with Maintaining Multiple Usernames and Passwords

Most web users struggle to remember the multiple username and password combinations required to sign in to each of their favorite websites, and the password recovery process can be tedious. But using the same password at each of your favorite websites poses a security risk. With OpenID, you can use a single, existing account (from providers like Google, Yahoo, AOL or your own blog) to sign in to thousands of websites without ever needing to create another username and password. OpenID is the safer and easier method to joining new sites.

Gain Greater Control Over Your Online Identity

OpenID is a decentralized standard, meaning it is not controlled by any one website or service provider. You control how much personal information you choose to share with websites that accept OpenIDs, and multiple OpenIDs can be used for different websites or purposes. If your email (Google, Yahoo, AOL), photo stream (Flickr) or blog (Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal) serves as your primary online presence, OpenID allows you to use that portable identity across the web.

Minimize Password Security Risks

Many web users deploy the same password across multiple websites. And since traditional passwords are not centrally administered, if a security compromise occurs at any website you use, a hacker could gain access to your password across multiple sites. With OpenID, passwords are never shared with any websites, and if a compromise does occur, you can simply change the password for your OpenID, thus immediately preventing a hacker from gaining access to your accounts at any websites you visit.

Because the focus of most OpenID providers (such as Google, Yahoo and AOL) is in identity management, they can be more thorough about protecting your online identity. Most website operators are less likely to be as dedicated to protecting your identity as the OpenID providers, whose focus is on securely hosting user identities.



Ladies and gentlemen,

As you know, TIWWA has recently introduced a new Skype discussion group to allow members to come together in real-time to chat with each other about our beloved show. Our next meet will take place of Saturday 17th April 8:00pm GMT and all are welcome to take part.

As our gathering focusses on Chris Carter's sublime creation, Lucy Butler, we dipped into her mythology to create a bit of fun that will allow Millennium fans to have the chance to win a gorgeous signed photograph of Sarah-Jane as Lucy Butler. Having seen it I can attest to how fantastic it is. Millennium fans will know that our beloved nemesis famously tempted Landon Bryce with her Apple Cinnamon Pancakes in Season Two's much respected "A Room With No View" and our challenge to you is to create a pancake filling befitting of The Devil's Liege Herself.

It can be scrumptious, noxious or downright poisonousness but be we ask that you put your thinking caps on and create a culinary delight of demonic goodness. If you want to add chocolate sauce to lightly flambéed deadly nightshade and sprinkle it with saltpetre be our guest. It really is up to you.

To enter, and stand a chance of winning this superb prize, simply leave your creative concoctions in the comments section here or send them to me (ethsnafu) as a personal message if you prefer.

You don't have long, the closing date for the competition is Friday 16th April 00:00 GMT so make sure all your entries are in by then. The winning entry will be announced during the chat.

Till then, love is blue!


Thanks, as always, to Sarah-Jane Redmond for her kind donation of the prize and to Graham for allowing us to use it in this way.



Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and pleasure that two lucky winners have been selected from all those who took part in the Easter competitions. I am delighted to announce that the winner of the Millennium Trivia Pursuit Quiz 2010 is Coughcool and the winner of The Launderama of The Soul 2010 is Walkabout. Both these names were chosen at random from the many entries we received and I am sure you will join me in congratulating them.

To claim your brand spanking new DVD prizes simply send me a PM with your names and addresses (confidential of course and deleted after mailing) and I will pop this in the post to you right away.

To all those who took part and helped make this weekend the resounding success it was. Thank you.

Here's to next time.



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