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Our staff blog contains news and updates about This Is Who We Are. This is a 'group blog', in which any of our staff team can post entries.

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The Old Man
Ladies and gentlemen, as you may already know, Mark Hayden (our beloved community forum Elder ethsnafu) has been extremely busy along with a fine and generous group of our finest and chocolatey members, to band together with the intention of bringing you a weekend of themed fun to help us celebrate Easter.

Our 'TIWWA Blackcoats' have done this in the form of a virtual weekend of televised Millennium events. Over the next two days, on a number of virtual channels, they aim to bring you plenty of entertainment and hope you will get involved and leave some thoughts for those good folk who have worked hard to make this all possible. To whet your appetite, here is a list of what's on offer so grab those Easter eggs, log into the forum tomorrow and prepare to be entertained!
Saturday April 3rd

easterguptasmall.png SYFY CHANNEL: The Launderama of The Soul - A Selfosophy Inspired Game.

GOOD FOOD CHANNEL: The Importance of Being Chocolate - A look into the deeper aspects of what we are stuffing our faces with this Easter.

RADIO ONE: Millennium: The Family - An online Skype meeting of TIWWA members to discuss 'Owls', 'Roosters' and more besides (this will be made available for download shortly after.)

NICK: Frank Black Cottentail - A hidden Easter Egg somewhere on the forum, see if you can find it folks.

CHALLENGE TV: Millennium Trivial Pursuits Part One - A two season quiz with a copy of Millennium Apocalypse for the winner.

BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: Exclusive to TIWWA: Interview with Tracy Middendorf - a look behind the scenes of 'Darwin's Eye' with Cass herself.

MTV: Darwin's Eye Music Montage to tie in with Tracy's Interview

Sunday April 4th

ABC: The Millennium Academy Awards - A Celebrity Deathmatch styled after the Oscars.

HISTORY CHANNEL: Easter - An article looking at the deeper, spiritual significance of Easter.

CHALLENGE TV: Millennium Trivial Pursuits Part Two- A two season quiz with a copy of Millennium Apocalypse for the winner.

BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: Exclusive to TIWWA - Interview with Shae Popovich - A look behind the scenes of Forcing The End with Rachel Levinson herself.

MTV: A Forcing The End Music Montage to tie in with Shae's interview.

SKY PREMIÈRE: Exclusive VS6 Webisode - a brief prologue to the new virtual series.

My sincere gratitude is extended to Mark for his hard work, considerable talent and ever amazing sense of humor, together with that of his kind, talented and generous team of Blackcoats who consist of the following regular contributors and we hope friends within our Millennium community, Earthnut (Darlene), Walkabout (Randee), tyd7u (Josef), and SpooktalkGiGi (Laura) with additional contributions from Baz and Joe.

Mark and myself would also like to thank Big Light for their help in promoting this Easter fun and madness, and all of you who take the time to share the word.

This is who we are!
The Old Man

This Staff blog entry covers some major new features recently added to our Gallery component. There are many refinements, performance optimizations, and new features, including:

Image notes

Image owners are now able to add notes to sections of their images, positioning and resizing them to suit. Other members will be able to see the notes when hovering over the image. To add image notes click on the add_note.png button above your own uploaded image.

Friendly URLs

The Gallery now makes full use of the Board's FURL system (Friendly URL's). Categories, albums, images and more now have the friendly URL structure you're familiar with.

Image rotation

Images can now be rotated in 90° increments, to compensate for those photos taken in landscape or portrait, but saved in the wrong orientation. Look out for the rotate_left.png and rotate_right.png buttons that appear above your own uploaded images.

New slideshow

A completely rewritten slideshow feature! It is now a unified interface, loading images on demand as necessary. Users can play or pause the slideshow at will, or jump to specific photos using the thumbnail bar.

Profile picture album

You can now create a new kind of album, a 'Profile Picture' Album. After this album has been created, any images that you upload to it will be displayed on the change picture page in your User CP, making them easy to select as your profile image.

Sub albums

Albums now support unlimited sub albums, which work exactly like gallery sub categories.

Category & album covers

It is now possible to specify one of the images in a category or album to be the cover of that category or album. If a cover image is specified, it will always be displayed for that category or album, instead of the last image thumbnail.

Friends-only albums

When creating an album, users can now choose to restrict viewing to only those users who are on their friends list.

Reputation support in comments

Support has been added for the Board's reputation feature in comments posted within the Gallery.

Interface tweaks

We have updated the style of categories so that larger versions of the image are used, to give more impact. The image listing has also been updated, and will now show as many images on a row as the users browser can fit. This should improve the display of the Gallery for users who have higher screen resolutions. The image view screen has also been improved, including support for those features mentioned above.

Improved Media Support

You can now upload a variety of video formats into the gallery including popular MPEG 4 formats used by modern phone/smartphone handsets and FLV (Flash Video) that play instantly like Youtube when viewed. The current list of video media formats is .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .swf, .flv, .m4v, .mp4. Additional support will be ongoing.

Download Button for wallpapers and images.

The download button save.png is very useful when you want to download an image to use personalise your computer. Another download button appears when you are viewing a full size image.

You can also click on the Share options for sending images or photos as E-Cards and various image embedding options already for you to copy and paste.

If you like particular images, you can mark your favourites and even instantly set them as your avatar. So why not create an album to use as a handy bank for your various avatars?

The Old Man

Regular visitors to This is who we are will know that we have some optional Profile fields that members can complete at any time, which contain details about their favourite Millennium episodes, seasons, writers and characters. Its fun and of course will be of interest to other members and particularly our friends.

Up until now, we've automatically included the majority of this information next to your posts in the forums, but lately we noticed that there was a little too much and the author section next to each post was getting a little overgrown. In particular, there were some text fields that you could enter information such as your favourite 3 characters, but some members were entering quite long lists or 10 or so names which was breaking some skin layouts and making the board convoluted.


Today, I have tidied up this section of our profiles, renamed it "What you like about Millennium" and reduced the amount of this information that is shown next to your posts.

The "What you like about Millennium" section now allows you to list:

  • your top 3 favourite Millennium episodes and characters,
  • your least favourite episode,
  • your favourite Writer and Director
  • and your most recently watched episode and season.

Yes, some of this information was available before, but we've removed the text fields and now you quickly select your characters, episodes etc from the available drop down lists of names and titles, which also makes it impossible for some members to list too many or fill the list with unwanted text.

The information is displayed in your profile if you choose to make selections, but only your favourite season, episode and character will show next to your posts. This should reduce some of the clutter, make the pages quicker to load and your friends can still learn what your like and dislike about Millennium in your profiles.

If you have a suggestion for a field that you think would be popular for inclusion in the "What you like about Millennium" section, let us know and we'll give it fair consideration.

To complete this section of your profile, when viewing your profile click on the Edit Profile button, or find it under your Board Settings.

The Old Man

Someone people, myself included, were a little confused as to how to view images full size, when the current version of our Gallery software was released.

Traditionally, clicking a Gallery thumbnail image opened up the full size image, but for some reason, the developers changed it so that instead you click on the small zoom.png icon located above, instead.

Take this gorgeous photo uploaded by our equally gorgeous Viivi...


To view it full size, you have to click on the magnify button.

Here's my thing...

I think its unnatural... To little ol' me, it's been common web practice for years to open an image by clicking on it, not to look for a separate icon to perform the function. I think changing the practice goes against usability. However I was told "well that's now how Facebook now does it!". So there you have it folks. The master trendsetter has spoken.

Simply gorgeous photo though.

The Old Man

Topic Preview

The ability to 'preview' a topic by viewing an excerpt from the first post is another feature coming soon to TIWWA. The developers have made the idea a little more useful by also including the last time you read a topic (if applicable) and the number of unread posts so you can quickly review how much activity has taken place since you last read the topic.


When you 'mouse over' a topic entry, you'll see a little 'pop-up' icon. Clicking this loads an excerpt from the first post along with some data underneath. This is very useful for moderators who can quickly review both normal and un-approved topics as well as being useful for normal members who can quickly decide whether they want to open the topic or not as it gives you more of an inkling as to what the topic is about.

Technical Details:

- Icon appears for moderators / admins and normal members. If there are no moderator tools, it shows on its own.

- When you mouse over the cell, the icon is "faded" until you mouse over the actual icon.

- Data is loaded via Ajax to reduce mark-up required in the templates.

- The post excerpt is stripped of all BBCode and mark-up to prevent it breaking out of the pop-up.

This feature adds a little more functionality and polish to the forum index, allowing you to perform your daily routine a little quicker and a little easier.

The Old Man

Besides the usual stats and figures, members at This is who we are can upload a personal photo and enable the option for friends to leave comments and list recent visitors on their profiles. This made your profile pages a little more personal and encouraged repeat visits.

With the forthcoming enhanced status updates feature in the next revision of our board's software, the profile page is becoming increasingly like a little user portal. With that in mind, the designers have extended the personalisation options to include profile page background customisation. You can now add a new background image or change the background color of your profile which instantly changes the feel of the page.

Here's an example, where the designer has chosen a beach scene, so he's not tiled the image. This allows the image to not repeat and remain 'fixed' so that when you scroll, the background doesn't scroll with it....


When the new software arrives, you'll note a new menu item in the User Control Panel:


Naturally, the administrators can control which groups have permission to do this.

When the user adds a profile background, the margins on the profile page increase so you can see the background image. If the user doesn't have a background image set, the profile appears as normal with minimal padding.

The profile page has undergone a few tweaks to make it a little neater. They've moved all the user's information into the left hand bar leaving more space to the right for other data such as the status updates, etc. and they plan to develop user customisation further in future releases.

As you may already be aware, the developers have added Twitter integration into the next release of our software. This enables you to 'connect' your Twitter account to your forum account to share links, status updates and to allow you to use your Twitter photo on the board.

They've now taken this a step further and added an option to allow you to import your Twitter background preferences to your profile.

The developers test Twitter account with using a different Twitter theme:


The background preferences (img and color) imported into the board software:


The preferences control panel:


They've also added a few handy links to the Profile Customization control panel.

These links allow you to revert all customisations, remove just the background image and load your profile to see the changes:


The developers have also included a quick way to remove your own customisations while viewing your profile, and if you are a Staff Member, then you can remove and disable customisations on any profile you view.

The developers hope that you enjoy this feature and allowing Twitter to set your background further personalises your board profile and re-enforces your own personal brand.

The Old Man

To add a Twitter content block to your free blog here at This is who we are, you just need to know 2 things:

Your Twitter username and your Twitter ID.

Your Twitter name should be obvious, its the part following the link to your Twitter page, so if your Twitter link is:


then your Twitter Username is Viivi_V.

To get your Twitter ID, its not so obvious but its easy to find. From your Twitter page, just click on the RSS link, and the ID number is shown in the url address bar of your browser:


So for this example above, the Twitter ID would be 21684147.

Now that we have the 2 bits of required info, lets add a Twitter Block:

Go to your Blog, click the ADD BLOCKS button and choose TWITTER. The Twitter block will appear, possibly lower down your page.

It will be empty, so click on the Config option inside the block.

Insert your username, in this example it would be Viivi_V.

Insert your ID, in this example it would be 21684147.

Then you can select to show just your own Tweets or those of your friends as well.

You then click on SAVE SETTINGS, and your Twitter block will appear.


You can move it around your blog to position it where you like, just like any other block by dragging and dropping it, and it will slide into place. You can change its settings, or delete it altogether. Pink is the only available colour at this time, sorry!

The Old Man

Early 2010 will see some great new features, enhancements and improvements to our community software here at This is who we are! The creator of our software has lots of exciting things planned and progress has already been made on a few key features.

Enhanced Status Updates

One of the most popular features at TIWWA is the 'Facebook/Twitter' style Status Updates which have proved to be a lot of fun with our members. Originally intended to be a quick notification of what you are doing, thinking or feeling that you can put in your member profile, once we added the most recent Status Updates onto the main forum index, the Status Updates have often become mini-conversations in their own right.

This has happened to other boards as well, and so it has been taken it to the next logical step and will soon allow archived statuses and status replies. There will be a new tab in a member's profile for recent status updates and recent status actions, as seen in this screen shot below.


As one would expect, this is all handled via Ajax with normal post operations for those who do not have javascript enabled. Replies appear instantly, comments are deleted instantly and even status updates are removed instantly. See it in action below:

There is also a new page for all status updates:


You can even receive email notification on any replies to your statuses or any replies to statuses you've replied to:


This takes a minor feature and gives it a little more focus and should help increase traffic between user profiles and give more of a social feel to TIWWA.

Your status can also be updated automatically from Facebook if you are using Facebook connect (we currently have this disabled).

As always, please keep in mind that these are early preview screenshots and may change between now and the finished version.

As always, we'd love to know what you think.

The forum software isn't the only component to receive some improvements, we'll see some great new functionality and ideas in the Gallery, Blogs and Download sections of TIWWA too.


Major new features coming soon include:

  • Friendly Urls
  • Image Notes
  • Improved Slideshow
  • Profile Picture Album
  • Sub Albums
  • Category and Album Covers
  • Friends Only Albums
  • Reputation Support
  • Interface Improvements
  • Download Button for wallpapers and images.
    This update brings many refinements, performance optimizations, and new features, including:

    Friendly URLs
    IP.Gallery now makes full use of the IP.Board FURL system. Categories, albums, images and more now have the friendly URL structure you're familiar with.

    Image notes
    Image owners are now able to add notes to sections of their images, positioning and resizing them to suit. Other members will be able to see the notes when hovering over the image.

    Image rotation
    Images can now be rotated in 90° increments, to compensate for those photos taken in landscape or portrait, but saved in the wrong orientation.

    New slideshow
    A completely rewritten slideshow feature! It is now a unified interface, loading images on demand as necessary. Users can play or pause the slideshow at will, or jump to specific photos using the thumbnail bar.

    Profile picture album
    You can now create a new kind of album, a 'Profile Picture' Album. After this album has been created, any images that you upload to it will be displayed on the change picture page in your User CP, making them easy to select as your profile image.

    Sub albums
    Albums now support unlimited sub albums, which work exactly like gallery sub categories.

    Category & album covers
    It is now possible to specify one of the images in a category or album to be the cover of that category or album. If a cover image is specified, it will always be displayed for that category or album, instead of the last image thumbnail.

    Friends-only albums
    When creating an album, users can now choose to restrict viewing to only those users who are on their friends list.

    Reputation support in comments
    We have added support for IP.Board's reputation feature in comments posted within IP.Gallery.

    Interface tweaks
    We have updated the style of categories so that larger versions of the image are used, to give more impact. The image listing has also been updated, and will now show as many images on a row as the users browser can fit. This should improve the display of IP.Gallery for users who have higher screen resolutions. The image view screen has also been improved, including support for those features mentioned above.


    It's a fairly substantial upgrade with many new features and improvements, not least of all an RSS import feature, so you can import content from other sites into your blog, like latest game rviews or release dates, weather or science news updates etc.

    Major new features coming soon to the Blog component include:

    • Efficiency Improvements - Several more caching layers added for commonly requested data from blogs and entries. This, along with significant SQL query work makes this version the most efficient yet. The improvements are obvious even here. Pages load much quicker with much fewer queries.
    • Categories
    • Interface Improvements - The user interface has had a complete facelift to bring it up to standard. The new look feels more 'bloggish' and enhances the experience. They've added drop down menus at the top so that you can quickly access common areas and start new entries where you have permission to. The post screen has been overhauled to add functionality. You should find the new version much easier to navigate and easier to use.Shades-20091119-151834.png


      • List View Returns
      • RSS Imports
      • Banish Entries
      • Admin Improvements

      Group Blogs

      This is a new feature that allows the admin to set up a group-wide blog. This blog is a normal blog in every other way. For example, we could set up a blog for all staff and everyone in the staff group will instantly be able to start writing new blog entries and managing comments, etc. We have something similar now but its been done using a dummy members account. We could set up a blog for a project team for example.

      Blog This!


      This is a brand new feature that adds a "Blog This" button to every post. This allows you to use post content in your blog entry. Furthermore, the relationship is remembered and all linked blog entries appear at the bottom of the topic when viewed:


      Pre entry Rating

      You can now rate each blog entry rather than just the entire blog itself. The blog rating is still shown on the homepage as an aggregate of all rated entries:


      Report Item and Reputation

      You can now report an entire blog entry, or just a single comment. You can now also give someone a reputation increase/decrease in comments:


      List View Returns

      A common request was the return of a fully sortable and filterable list view for blogs that emulated a forum view. I have added this in. You'll notice you can click the table headers to sort on that column and click again to reverse the sort. There is also a "List Blogs" sidebar block to quickly filter and list the blogs.

      There's even a little 'preview the latest entry' icon that shows the entry excerpt in a pop-up so you don't have to leave the page to preview it.


      There are also countless other improvements and enhancements.

      Dynamic Sidebar Block

      Some the footer links (Top 10 bloggers, etc) have moved into a dynamic sidebar along with Recent Entries. This makes it easier to locate and saves a bit of space:


      RSS Imports

      Another long requested feature was to be able to create entries from an RSS feed. This is now a feature. You can control which member groups have access to this as well as limit the number of items imported on each cycle.



      Major new features coming soon include:

      • Friendly Urls - IP.Downloads 2.1 will feature friendly urls for the main index page, category view pages, file view pages, and downloading files.
      • Resume Breakpoints Toggle
      • Per Category Settings
      • Download Sessions
      • Storage Improvements
        • You can now submit multiple files at one time per file record. For instance, you might submit "My Home Movie", and then upload "movie.part1", "movie.part2", and "movie.part3" to break your movie into multiple pieces.
        • You can now submit multiple screenshots per file record
        • When submitting links you can identify a link "type" (i.e. a mirror, for instance). Along with multiple physical files, you will be able to submit multiple urls, providing for built in mirror support by linking to copies of the download hosted elsewhere.
        • Due to the improved file uploading process, a progress bar is now shown for all files uploading. This will allow for multiple simultaneous file uploads, as well as progress-bar support, when uploading files.
The Old Man


Radio TIWWA returns with a fantastic new audio player to help celebrate TIWWA's 7th anniversary!

Radio TIWWA is loaded with Millennium's incidental music courtesy of Grooveshark.com, so why not keep this blog page open in one of your browser tabs or windows whilst you surf around and listen to your favourite Millennium tracks as you go!

My special thanks to Mark (ethsnafu) for his wonderful apocalyptic Radio TIWWA artwork!
The Old Man

Member Reputation

By now, our regular members will have gotten used to the majority of our new features on this latest release of our community software. This blog entry is the first in a series of such entries designed to identify, highlight and advise on some of the new features and changes at TIWWA in our forums, gallery and blogs, some of which you may not to be sure how to use or may have missed.

If you have a suggestion on an aspect of TIWWA that you would like to see covered here, please let me know and we'll do our best to cover it.

Our first entry covers.... wait for it... the new Member Reputation!

TIWWA now gives members the ability to rank an individual post up or down within the community forums, which encourages quality contributions and makes it easy to see for everyone which of our members have a great reputation in the community.

All members can click add.png or delete.png on a post to give or subtract a reputation point, and the number next to the buttons shows how many points the post has received.

Points are accumulated for each member in our community, giving them an overall reputation rating which you can see in their member profile like this...


In the example shown above, you can see this particularly handsome chap has so far been awarded 7 points by members of our forums. Come on, he deserves much more rep!

So whenever you are browsing a topic and see a helpful member :angel:, friendly reply, something that made you feel warm or fuzzy, a knowledgeable or in-depth post or even a post where someone has taken the time to welcome a new member or wish you a Happy Birthday, reward them and give them a reputation boost by awarding a point!

It goes without saying, that if you see a member post something negative, perhaps a rather unfriendly or an unhelpful post, someone trying to flame-bait or stir up trouble :devil01:, then you have the power to deduct a point.

Remember that you can still rate a topic accordingly with up to 5 stars, which highlights great topics for other members to see and join in, especially new members:


The Old Man

TIWWA's staff are now testing the new major revision of our board's software on a copy of a current database. We're going to busy over the next few days getting used to the new features, gadgets, bells, levers and whistles.

blogentry-1-1245966861_thumb.png blogentry-1-1245966847_thumb.png blogentry-1-1245966874_thumb.jpg

Brand new default theme TIWWA will feature an all-new default theme for the front end.

Reputation system Posts can now be rated, earning the author reputation points which can be highlighted with titles and badges.

Personal Conversations Users can now create private topics, accessible only to themselves and anyone else they choose to invite.

Stay tuned for the all-new TIWWA coming soon! If you can't wait, check out some of previous blog postings on the subject.

The Old Man
After a private beta testing period, I'm pleased to announce the launch of our latest feature for fans of Millennium, Chris Carter's critically acclaimed television series, The Millennium Group Homepage.

Long time fans of Millennium will remember one or two fan created homepages over the years featuring the Millennium Group's Ouroborus logo, and whilst this one is no different in featuring the mystical symbol, the aim with our new version has been to make the page as genuinely useful as possible, whilst of course keeping in tradition with series.

Whilst the basic idea is to have the homepage function as an Internet browser homepage as per the request of our forum members, its also perfectly okay to bookmark the page and use it at any time.

Currently the Millennium Group Homepage has the following features:
  • Millennium Group logo with 'Welcome Frank' message and accurate 'days remaining' countdown message in tribute to the Millennium Group network log in screen as seen series.
  • Options to personalise the welcome message, the days remaining countdown timer and as an extra treat, select either the standard Group logo (Ouroborus) or the hacked Owl version depending upon your allegiance!
  • Ajax-powered Google Internet Search using the Google Search API, which means you can perform multiple Google searches without ever leaving the page and narrow your search to Web, News, Images, Blogs, Video (Youtube) and Books, even when flicking through the pages of results. Google currently limit their Search API to a maximum of 64 results, this is not changeable but should be more than enough. Also, there is a small issue with the Blog search results being limited to one page, this is awaiting a bug fix from Google.
  • Built in ajax-powered RSS import - to fetch, display and keep you updated with the latest topics from TIWWA Millennium Message Board (our forums), the latest news articles from our main website M-TIWWA and latest news from the BacktoFrankBlack.com campaign.
  • Options to smoothly open and close the various parts of the page depending upon your personal preference.
  • Integration with Millennium - Thisiswhoweare.net - Search our main website and if you prefer you can narrow your search parameters to episode transcripts, profiles (episode, cast, crew and character), our Music Guide, articles, reviews and more.
  • Rest assured, all internet searches via the Google Search function are private and are not logged, stored or accessible by us. Please follow the Privacy link at the bottom of the page for more details.

Your settings to personalise the page are stored in cookies on your local computer for 31 days (due to increase shortly), so its personalised every time you open your homepage unless the cookies are removed or expire. However you can change the options as many times as you like.

Unless you personalise the page, the welcome message is set to Frank (Black) and the days remaining currently match M-TIWWA, which is the amount of days remaining to the popular December 12, 2012 (the often quoted and supposed end of the Mayan calendar).

As the page has a permanent link, we are able to update the page with improvements without the need for users to download new versions. Simply bookmark the page or set it as your browser's homepage.

Whether you use it for fun at home, college or work, or find it genuinely useful, the new Millennium Group is ready to be bookmarked and can be found permanently at http://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/homepage.php

View the original article at millennium-thisiswhoweare.net
View the official support topic.

The Old Man

With the new M-TIWWA Browser Search Extension, you can enhance your visits on our forums by quickly being able to search for characters and episodes to refresh your memory or find links to more information.


You can now search our website directly from your browser with the new M-TIWWA Search plug-in!

M-TIWWA Search has been tested with Firefox and Internet Explorer and allows you to search 1000's of pages from M-TIWWA quickly and easily, from any web site or web page. Simply enter your search key words into the M-TIWWA Search box or right click on a phrase in any web page to search our website. This is ideal if perhaps, you are browsing our forums and quickly want to access an episode profile for Gehenna, learn more about a character or search an episode transcript.

To install M-TIWWA Search:

Firstly go to our website's home page.

If you are using Firefox, the search tool will glow to show you there is a search tool available for the M-TIWWA website.


Or, if you are using Internet Explorer 7 or later, it looks like this:


Choose the option to add the M-TIWWA Search to your browser:


Just enter your search keywords to search M-TIWWA. You can do this whilst viewing any other website, in other words you don't have to visit the M-TIWWA website first to perform a search!

Right Click Search option:

If the M-TIWWA Search tool is currently activated and you want to search our website for text, just highlight the text on the a web page of forum and select Search M-TIWWA for the highlighted words or phrase as shown:


The Old Man

Just a small titbit or two on the forthcoming version of the community software which we use.

Firstly there is official confirmation that users will soon be able to have multiple blogs. This will be welcome news for those who have or want a dedicated blog on a particular subject here at TIWWA, but would like to keep a personal blog for themselves. Soon you could have at least two blogs.

Secondly, TIWWA will now support a basic implementation of Facebook Connect as an option for users logging into TIWWA and associating their account with the same login as their Facebook account. This feature will be off by default and may be optionally enabled by us when we evaluate it. Should we decide to use this, the basics are that:

  1. Users will have the ability to use Facebook Connect to login to TIWWA. They will also have the ability to either associate their Facebook account with an existing TIWWA account, or create a new TIWWA account.
  2. Basic profile data such as avatar, profile picture, "About Me", and status will be synced to TIWWA from Facebook.

Invision have purposely kept the complexity of the various syncing options available through Facebook Connect to a minimum. They have many ideas on how they would like to expand the capabilities in the future, but they wanted to keep the integration basic for the time being.

See it as an additional login option, just like OpenID. If you have a desire to see this functionality enabled, please let us know.

The Old Man

As you probably know, you can include additional data in your profile which shows up next to your posts on the board's forums. A couple of years ago, we added extra text fields and options to display your favourite writers, directors, episode/s and seasons etc. We don't baffle new members by including all of these options on the member registration page, but everyone is free to update their profile at any time with this extra information. Sometimes its for fun, sometimes its useful.

Recently I began watching Millennium Season 1 again, its been some time since I last saw a full run of the show aside from seasonal episodes, and today I was inspired to add an additional option where members can store the date that they last saw Millennium, whether it be an episode or a season, it really doesn't matter.

You might find it interesting or useful from a person point of view to keep track, or it may be relevant to a topic you have contributed to.

So to enter March, 2006, you just enter 03-2006 including the hyphen.

On a related note, you may be interested to know that the forthcoming version of our board software will feature additional contact fields for Jabber and Skype.




Dear Friends,

To mark the 6th Anniversary of TIWWA I have created a few simple ideas that people can get involved with to mark the occasion. Any Birthday is an event but this is certainly one to throw our support behind, six wonderful years of Millennium fandom is a wonderful achievement and I am sure you will join me in raising a glass to Graham, the reason we have this fabulous place in the first place. For today you will be able to play selected tracks from the three season's of Millennium, these tracks will rotate occasionally, head on over to my blog to see the last.fm playlist in action. If you are a Last.fm subscriber you can even access a whole range of Millennium tracks by searching for my library by selecting 'user' 'markhayden' - either way it's a great little playlist as takes you straight back to the wonderful episodes these tracks came from. Every party needs music people so crank up the volume.


Here's your task, should you choose to accept it. What's a Birthday without a cake? All you have to do to get into the party spirit is bake a cake, buy a cake, buy a muffin, if you're dieting an apple with do, in fact, any treat of choice will do. Stick a birthday candle in it and share your honorary TIWWA munching moment with us. If we get a number of these I will create a gallery for them to mark today's occasion. Go on, you get to treat yourself and it isn't a difficult task to do, results of my own efforts shortly ;)

Do keep your eyes peeled on the shoutbox for some fun topics to get involved with and head over to the Celebrity Deathmatch Topic to party on down in true MM style. That said, raise your glasses, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIWWA.

The Old Man

Occasionally we can update you on the forthcoming next revision of our community software, so here's a brief update on the latest development and features together with an update on when we can expect to start using the new release.

Gravatar Support

Gravatar is as service that hosts your avatar so you can have the same avatar on the various communities you visit. It also allows you to centrally update your avatar and have it show up all over the web. You just sign up on their site and then enter your email address you registered with Gravatar in TIWWA's settings area.

Warn Panel Updates (For moderators)

The warn panel has been updated to allow for moderators to be able to better control troublesome members and posts without administrator intervention. Enhancements include:

  • Option to "ban" a member permanently from the warn panel
  • Increase or decrease warn value by a custom value (rather than just +1 or -1) for super moderators only
  • Ability to unapprove (hide) all member's posts and/or topics made with the last X days/hours
  • Member's current reputation and other general information now displayed on warn panel

Mutual Friends

Adding and removing friends is now a mutual option in that if you add someone as a friend you will also appear on their profile as a friend. The same goes for removing a friend: if you remove a friend you are also removed from their friend list.

Reputation Logs

Administrators can now edit a member's reputation points. They can also view the record of ratings that member has left for others and the ratings others have left for that member.

Enhanced Watched Topics/Forums

The listing of watched topics and forums in your user settings now displays the number of new topics or posts since your last visit. You can click this link to be taken to the forum listing showing only those new topics since your last visit.

Filter Forum by New Topics

You can now filter a forum using the filter options bar at the bottom of the page to show only new topics posted since your last visit.

Public Polls

The option to allow public polls is now in the admin area. Public polls are like normal polls but they show the name of the members who voted and what they voted for in the poll. Administrators can also optionally allow members to delete their vote and re-vote in polls. This new feature only functions with newly-created polls. Administrators can switch a poll from private to public only if the poll has had no votes.

IP.Board 3.0.0 Release

The preview testing and feedback has been going so well that Invision have decided to re-evaluate their release schedule. A final version will not be out by the end of this year, this will delay the final release until early next year, it brings the benefit of a much shorter beta-release cycle since IPB is being so heavily tested now. This means that there will be fewer beta releases before moving on to the final release. It also means that the final release of IPB will be as good as it can be which is good for everyone.

Invision believe that this short delay until the final release will be beneficial for all, as the final version of IPB 3.0 will be as stable as it can be on day one.

The Old Man
Today, we launch the second in what will will become a series of Millennium inspired gadgets for the Windows Sidebar. This time the Millennium Group's criminal profiler Frank Black arrives to welcome you to your desktop and in traditional Millennium style, lets you know how many days are remaining.

As recently discovered, although these gadgets are designed to work for Windows Vista, you can now also get them and 100's more gadgets working on Windows XP, so there's no need to feel left behind if you haven't yet taken the plunge for Microsoft's latest operating system. If you are still using XP, all you need is to do is install Alky Sidebar on XP first, and then download your choice of our Millennium themed gadgets.

View our Millennium styled gadgets.

We hope you like these new downloads, please let us know.
The Old Man

Good news, I had chance to work on the idea of a Millennium style countdown gadget for Windows Vista (see my previous post).

I'm really excited about this, because a) I think the idea is really cool and b) I got it to work without too many problems along the way.

Below is a screen shot of my desktop with the results so far:


As you can see (ignoring my busy background wallpaper and other icons), the gadget is listed in the gadget box with a brief description, but more importantly over to the top right, you'll see the first working version. I got the countdown to work okay and then it occurred to me to have it display your actual name, just like the one in the Millennium tv series. It was surprisingly easy to pull this from the Windows system, so the gadget says, "Welcome (username), There are xxx days remaining."

Its all early days, but now that the mechanics are working okay, I can go about adding some graphics and making it all the more shiny!

Hope you like the results so far. I'm thinking of having versions with the Ouro background and also the main characters Frank, Peter and Lucy.

Any thoughts you may have. I'd love to read.


The first Vista Millennium gadget is now available for download.

blogentry-1-1225833195_thumb.jpg blogentry-1-1225833210_thumb.jpg

The Old Man

Libby will probably send a member of Legion out to get me for this :ranting: , because I'm supposed to be working on some cool graphs to enhance the Nielson Rating pages for the episode guide, but I just can't help myself.

I've been inspired by a little countdown gadget I have on my Windows Vista sidebar, that counts down until my annual festive Lake District Holiday in December. I think its about time we had some Millennium related sidebar gadgets. I have a couple of ideas but firstly I want to create my first ever gadget to countdown the days remaining until Dec 21st 2012 like the main site does. I was thinking about a nice golden Ouroborus that says how many days are remaining below it or over it. Then perhaps some variations with images of Frank and the characters from the show.

What do you think?

The other idea I had was to create a gadget that imports topics from our forum's RSS feed. Although such a gadget comes supplied with Vista already, one that is themed with Millennium imagery surely doesn't.

The Old Man

As previously announced in our entries about forthcoming features, by now I'm sure you will have spotted our new live chat Shoutbox running at the top of the board index (you need to be logged into the board to see and use it). The Shoutbox is visible in all forums and topics, so you can shout a message at any time, even whilst you are posting in the forums. Someone described it as following you around the board, which was a fun description! However, we have removed it from the other components of TIWWA like your blogs, gallery and downloads manager.

Its great to see the Shoutbox being used and seemingly working well, I think it will prove to be a popular feature. Its only visible to and usable by registered board members who have logged into the board, so it will be spam free and more easy to follow.

If you have any questions about it, we've just added a new dedicated Shoutbox support forum, so please feel to create a new topic in there and we'll do our best to help you out with any questions you may have. If we don't know, we'll find out for you. Also in there, you will find a handy guide to the Shoutbox features, like how to catch up with the conversation archive. You can add smilies and images to your messages so have fun.

Besides the small Shoutbox at the top of the board index page and its forums and topics, we have a dedicated full Shoutbox page available from the main navigation menu. Think of it like a full chat room page that you can resize. It shows you who's 'in the Shoutbox room' and all of the conversation so far.

The Old Man


TIWWA Members,

The Happy Halloween skin has been made the default skin theme for the coming week, its tradition after all!

Therefore, if you were using the board's usual default skin (called M-TIWWA in the drop down list of available themes at the bottom of most pages), you will notice that you are now seeing the Happy Halloween skin. After Halloween, it will automatically switch back to normal.

Don't forget you can still change to a different skin when using TIWWA at any time you like, by choosing from the list of available skins at any time.

For Blog Users - If you now have a large empty space under your chosen Blog header image

If you are using one of our many available blog header images, you may see a large ugly space underneath it, now that the Happy Halloween skin on the main forums has been made the board's default skin. This is because your Blog hasn't already been locked to the default M-TIWWA skin, which it needs to be if you want to make use of the available header images. (For those interested, the blog header images are 100 pixels high but the Halloween skins allow for larger images ie. big pumpkins! so there's a gap).

How to fix:

You need to go to your Blog Settings, click on Look and then Lock your blog to the M-TIWWA skin. When we go back to the normal skin for the forum after Halloween week has finished, you won't need to make any further changes.

The Old Man

With the upcoming release of IP.Board 3, we will of course be updating our components to be compatible with the new architecture. Releases of IP.Blog, IP.Gallery and IP.Downloads will be available alongside IP.Board 3.0 so that we can update everything at the same time and not have to worry about when our other components will be ready.

IPS who sell our software have determined that initially for the big release, they will only be working for application compatibility between our components. They want to spend all of their time focusing on IP.Board itself to ensure maximum stability, especially given the fact that they are working on an entirely new platform. This means that you won't really notice any new features to speak of with the Blog, Gallery and Downloads updates. You will, however, notice much better integration between the applications and the board itself, and an updated look and feel for all applications.

Some examples of this include:

  • Integrated searching - one search form will search everything
  • Ability to show gallery or blog data on board index through hooks

    • Proper user-customizable headers
    • RSS blogs - allows members to import their remote blog or news into their blogs
    • "Blog this post" support


      • Ability to crop, rotate, dynamically resize images. Use Javascript for front end, then re-generate image using GD on backend when user saves.
      • Fancy slideshow feature. Something like Flickr, but done completely in Javascript (no flash needed), little simpler probably.
      • Better album control based on friendships - only allow friends to view album, allow friends to submit to your album, etc.
      • Sub-albums
      • Image tagging
      • Correct category/album markers (ala IPB)
      • Allow users to choose album covers from images in an album
      • IP.Downloads

          [*]Better and more abstracted support for file records. Ultimately the goal would be to allow you to submit multiple files to a single file record. Uses would include "contributed files", breaking single files into "parts" (i.e. for large movies), and multiple screenshots per record, for instance.

          [*]Support for mirrors

          [*]More reliable upload progress meter

          [*]File tagging

          These are just some ideas are floating around. Final feature lists will be determined after the release of IP.Board 3.0.

  • Shortly after the dust settles following the big releases, and everything is calmer and stable, they will be working on "big" updates for their first-party application addons. At this point, they are still discussing what new features would best serve their customers for Blog, Gallery and Downloads. Below is a list they've discussed that they think we'll like. What do you think of it so far?
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