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MillenniuM GuY and Frank Black vs. Babar

So this all started back in 2001. I was a college student studying Performing Arts and, for a few weeks, Media Studies. In 2000 I'd come up with an email-away series known as The Adventures Of Pastilles Of Fruit Man, which was a little popular. In 2001 I had to write a mock article about a rampaging elephant. I think my headline was "Babar Snaps!!!" At this point I was into MillenniuM and and the seeds were sown... From ths assignment I'd been given came the birth of Frank Black vs. Babar. Using the raging elephant assignment and adding my own twist I created abut 50 "episodes". I altered it of course, Babar wasn't a rampaging elephant-he was a criminal mastermind. Following Season 3 of MillenniuM, Frank Black was sought out by Peter Watts to create a profile on Babar. I explained Watts' "death" like this... Frank answers the phone... Frank: Hello? Watts: Frank it's Peter Watts! Frank: Oh hey Pete! Long time no see! Watts: That's because I'm supposed to be dead Frank! But the group failed and I went into hiding! (I would elaborate further on this when I began conceiving MillenniuM GuY) I can't remember all of the stories but I can recall a few notable incidents and quotes. One story I do remember was President Evil. Babar kidnapped George W Bush and turned him into a zombie!!! Babar had a machine that could bring back dead presidents as they were. Babar would then "zombify" them. Frank brought Catherine back this way but didn't "zombify" her. One of the main elements that I used came from the MillenniuM Pilot and is my signature on here: I Want You To Make Believe...That I Can! This would become Frank's second "gift" if you will. Below is the first example, from the FB vs Babar Pilot: (Yellow House. Frank is sat in the living room, his face creased, one eyebrow raised. There are flashes of random images and it appears Frank is having a vision but, in his hand is the television remote, he's merely channel surfing! Jordon comes running in crying, blood pouring from a gash in her knee...) Jordon: Daddy daddy I fell and hurt my knee and it hurts!!! Frank (sitting Jordon on his knee): I want you to make believe...that it doesn't!!! (They look at Jordon's knee, which is no longer bleeding...) Jordon: Thank you daddy! I made believe and it doesn't hurt anymore! I set this in the yellow house because it was a setting I was more familiar with. During the course of the series I introduced more characters. As mentioned I brought back Catherine. Her "cathphrase", if you will was "Go Frank." Below is an example of how I took the initial meaning of this statement ("I know you have to save the world and, as much as I want you to stay, I know you can't") and used it just about anywhere I could- (Frank goes to the fridge and opens the door. His stoic, unmoving face remains stoic and unmoving, but something's wrong...) Catherine: Honey? What's wrong?! Frank: Two days ago I bought a dozen eggs! (Frank has a vision of numerous horrible things, ending with Catherine baking a cake!) Catherine: Me and Jordon were baking! Frank: I know honey! I just really fancied an omelette for lunch! (Catherine looks at Frank and his stoic, unchanging face before resigning herself to the inevitable...) Catherine: Go Frank! (Supermarket. Frank walks out with a box of eggs!!!) In addition to Catherine and Watts I also brought in a few X-Files characters. Most prominently used were Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner. Mulder was still on the run and had been hiding in space. He shared a flat with Jeremiah Smith, the healing alien dude who could change his form to other people. Only here he could change into literally anything!!! (Yellow House. Fank and Watts ait outside to greet Mulder. Mulder arrives...) Mulder: Well I'm here, but where's Jeremiah?! Frank: I don't know! But that lamppost wasn't here before!!! (The lamppost morphs into Jeremiah, who smiles...) Jeremiah: Sorry!!! Couldn't help myself!!! Mulder even created a profile linking Watts with his XF movie character... Frank: Mulder I'd like you to meet Peter Watts. Mulder: Yeah we've met! (Frank's facial expression doesn't change but he sounds surprised...) Frank: Really?! Mulder: Yeah he used to work in the FBI, then retired, only to return a few years later using a different name and a slightly different moustache! Isn't that right Darius Michaud?!!! Watts: Um...yeah!!! It's true!!! Frank (face unchanged): Wow Pete! I'm shocked!!! Mulder: But there's tow things I don't understand! How did you survive the bombing? Watts: There was a trapdoor that had a chute underneath that carried me to safety! Very Batman-esqe!!! It was triggered when I held my head in my hands! Mulder: Why? Watts: The group was investigating the syndicate but I was close to being caught so I faked my death!!! Frank: I have a question...why Darius?! Watts: It...sounded cool!!! Assistant Director Walter Skinner also appeared regularly. His character was essentially the same but for one minor change...he was shizophrenic!!! He would often switch back and forth between his two personalities-Skinner and "Mitch Pileggi"! The idea for this came from the Masked Magician which Pileggi hosted. Me and my friend found it funny when he'd say "I'm Mitch Pileggi" in his growly Skinner voice!!! I also remember an Angel crossover but not much about it... That's pretty much all I can remember from Frank Black vs. Babar. Oh and Scully refused to believe absolutely everything!!! Fast forward to 2006...I had all the MillenniuM boxsets and had become a Family Guy fan. I'd watch both regularly and had an idea to sort of combine the two shows. By that I mean take the characters of MillenniuM and put them into a Family Guy type world. No FG characters appear, I should add. I did some concept art, drawing Frank and co in a cartoon style. I also took elements from Frank Black vs. Babar and used them. Again the series featured Peter Watts, with a more detailed Faked death scenario- Frank: I thought you were dead Pete? Watts: The Group were looking to kill me Frank and I was well aware of it. I made no attempt to run! I sent my family away but stayed home. The Group took their time and eventually I got a little peckish! White Chocolate Cheesecake and Raspberry Coulis was what I wanted! So I got some of that and ate what I thought was my last meal! Unfortunately I spilled the raspberry coulis, knocked the carton to the floor. As I got up to get a cloth I slipped and banged my head! I was knocked out! The assassin must've seen me lying there unconscious with "blood" everywhere and thought somebody had beaten him to it!!! When I came to, a few days later, I saw my obituary in the paper!!! Frank: A few DAYS later?!!! Watts: Yeah, my floors are solid Frank!!! (EDIT: After reading some old notes I've just found I remembered that Watts' syrup accident was actually part of a sex game with his wife!!! Moe details soon...) Mulder also appears but not Jeremiah Smith. Mulder's mystery informant is He-Man! The Undertaker appears as well, as does Kane. Frank and Watts form a New MillenniuM Group. Among the members are the Grown Up Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT had come out around that time :D) That's all I've got so far. If you'd like me to continue with MillenniuM GuY then please let me know. Frank Black vs. Babar would be tough because it's 10 years old and all I can remember is what I've wrote here. That's pretty much it. Until next time keep make believing...




A Few Notes...

Hi guys, Mike here. I'm just gonna go into a little more detail about myself. My basics are on my introduction post in the Innocents section and I'll copy/paste that info here- (My name's Mike and I'm a 27 year old Millennium fan and father from Leicestershire, UK. I first became a fan of the show back in 2001 when I got the X-Files "Millennium" episode on VHS for Christmas. I watched that episode, then the two bonus episodes and was hooked!!! I collected a few more tapes but didn't manage to get the DVDs until my early 20s. The reason for my being late getting into the show was I was more sports orientated, mainly football/soccer, back then. I'm a creative guy who likes to write. I will not, however, be attempting to contribute to the Virtual Seasons as my main creative strength is in parody-and yes I have parodied Millennium, though not on a public forum. Please don't misunderstand me, I love the show-it's one of my all time favourites-but I have a...erm...gift(?)...curse(?) of finding parody in just about anything, though that doesn't mean I will find (or even try to find) parody in everything. My first Millennium parody was back in college, year 2001. It was a short story series that I'd email to my college friends and, surprisingly, they liked it. This was called Frank Black Versus Babar (yes the elephant) It followed the events of Season 3 and reunited Frank and Jordan with Peter Watts, Mulder and Scully and even Catherine!!! They formed their own Millennium Group to take on the forces of the evil tyrant, Babar!!! Fank even crossed over into my other parody series-Pastilles Of Fruit Man!!! I wrote two twenty five "episode" seasons and had a third planned before I left college, through neccessity (not choice). After college I dropped my projects. In 2006 I became a fan of Family Guy and, at this point, owned the Millennium box sets. An idea formed in my mind to take Millennium and place it in a Family Guy situation, complete with cutaways (Watts auditioning as Kane's stunt double for See No Evil and Watts replacing the lead singer of Korn were my favourites). I only got as far as concept art and page one of the comic. Maybe I'll have another go at it, maybe not... My recent parody work can be seen on Youtube-Transformers: The Soap. This is done with toys and I voice 99% of the characters. I'm in the prep stage of Season 3 and have just acquired the Lockdown figure (voiced by Lance Henriksen in Transformers: Animated) so maybe Millennium will find its way into my latest project... Anyways I've said enough for now. If you disagree with my parodies then I won't mention them here. But it doesn't mean I won't do them... Any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment, I shall respond. And if you don't think I will... I want you to make believe...that I can!!!) I will be as active as possible on the forums here and hope to chat with as many of you as possible. There are a couple of instances, however, where I won't contribute. The first of these is if I have nothing to say on the subject. I'm not just gonna post to bump up my numbers. The second of these is religion. Allow me to elaborate... I am not a religious person. I'm open to the possibility but would need proof. I have nothing against people who are religious, I feel we are all equal. So, where a topic concerns religion, I'm not gonna embarrass myself or anybody else by attempting to contribute, nor will I make any disparaging remarks. I have known a few truly wonderful people who are religious but it's not my cup of tea I'm afraid. Above I mentioned that I do parodies. I do some non comedic work as well. I have often flirted with the idea of writing a serious MillenniuM story but don't really know where to begin. In college I wrote an X-Files script based on the 2012 invasion. I don't have it anymore but I remember the first spoken line, spoken my Mulder as he, Scully and Skinner were hiding from Faceless Alien Rebels... Mulder: See?! Wasn't lying was I?!!! I am a comic book fan and can draw pretty well. I have had an idea for my own comic book series which I began back in my late teens. Recently my interest has been revived and I also have a comic book adaptation of my Transformers: The Soap: Prologue in mind. I may even do a TIWWA exclusive MillenniuM GuY comic just for you... My next blog will probably be about MMG and it's predecessor-Frank Black vs. Babar. So, until then, keep make believing...



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