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MillenniuM GuY and Frank Black vs. Babar

So this all started back in 2001. I was a college student studying Performing Arts and, for a few weeks, Media Studies. In 2000 I'd come up with an email-away series known as The Adventures Of Pastilles Of Fruit Man, which was a little popular. In 2001 I had to write a mock article about a rampaging elephant. I think my headline was "Babar Snaps!!!" At this point I was into MillenniuM and and the seeds were sown... From ths assignment I'd been given came the birth of Frank Black vs. Babar. Usin



A Few Notes...

Hi guys, Mike here. I'm just gonna go into a little more detail about myself. My basics are on my introduction post in the Innocents section and I'll copy/paste that info here- (My name's Mike and I'm a 27 year old Millennium fan and father from Leicestershire, UK. I first became a fan of the show back in 2001 when I got the X-Files "Millennium" episode on VHS for Christmas. I watched that episode, then the two bonus episodes and was hooked!!! I collected a few more tapes but didn't mana



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