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My Trip To Cali

My trip to Cali. It started out interesting. I took the bus there which wasn't too bad minus the crazy person that kept asking to die. (we pulled over and called the police) But everything was going smoothly till I reached Sacramento. I missed the bus to Oakland. I was stuipd to let an old guy go in front of me. So they ran out of room on the bus. So much for me being nice huh? Anyways. I called Jason to tell him I was going to be late and he was nice enough to come get me in Sacramento! *sniffle* What a nice guy. So I got picked up at like 1:00 pm or something like that. Then we went to a resteraunt to eat. I was hungry but the prices were outrageous! But the veiw from it was nice. It over looked a river I think. So it was really purty =] Then we went to look at some places. It was interesting to see ^^ Finaly around Three we went back to Jason's house. Which is really nice. And umm...well that day is foggy cause I didn't get any sleep. *fast foreward* Then the next day...umm. Don't remember it either...I met Jeramiah one of those days. He's a charecter. Very funny. He does the boom thing. (sound) And he drives like a bat out of hell. I thought I was going to die. Didn't help with Jason yelling. Thanks Jason for that btw. Very nice of you...But Jeramiah is nice even if he needs to learn how to drive under 80 mph. So skipping to the first day we filmed. Getting everything set up was actually faster then what I thought it would be. They're very good at it. I just stood around and watched. Shoni was getting her make up on. Then it happened. Jason was setting up the monitor for the camera to see what the camera saw. And was trying to not knock over a clock that was on the shelf. So Him and jeramiah were arranging stuff and Jason knocked over the shelf. Unfortunitly the shelf landed on poor Jason's foot. =[ And he broke the clock anyways. But he caught the monitor! Go Jason. Save the monitor but not the clock you were trying to save in the first place. Nice one man. I was doing the boom instead of Jeramiah this time...I was horrible at it. I'm on film asking Jason how to do the whole thing...kinda funny heh. You wouldn't believe. I got the mike in the picture. *sniffle* I should of been fired. Its really hard to do though. Shoni did a really wonderful job at acting. And the camera angels were really nice. For about 30 seconds of footage it took about 2 hours to film. Its amazing. But I think its definitly worth it. And we all ate together afterwards. Shoni can really cook a good meal! Then after we ate Jason headed to his computer station(a understatment. Its huge!) and started editing it so we could all see how it looked. (more to come)



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