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It Is Easy...



..and yet I haven't seen anyone take a few minutes to try and answer the contest (I have left more hints and clues at http://www.livejournal.com/users/enterlinemedia)Why ddi I do the contest this way? Because I got fed up with contests where you sned in your name, email, and address. I just don't have the time to do a contest like that and I rather see people do a little legwork to win the prize. I just received the VHS screener for the pilot to the new KOJAK series starring Ving Rhames and I will watch that one soon. Then I have DVD Reviews to write next week (two waiting to be written as soon as I finish watching everything on those DVDs). Everyone, have a good weekend.


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I've been working on this,and I've went throught the 2002 archive a few times already, but I'm still not sure what I'm looking for. Not asking for hints, but when you say "hidden pages" that are not linked, can you explain that to someone who is not computer-friendly? Am I looking for pages that are not hyperlinked, or pages like Easter Eggs? I'm sorry....I'm just a little confused! :cry:

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The pages are like Easter Eggs. There is no obvious link. Once you find the first page, it is very easy to find the second one. I have used text , photos, and banners to link to web sites and other pages. Also look at the address bar and look at the page numbers (the older ENTERLINE MEDIA pages were named in the address bar by id78.html instead of deadbirds.html for example).

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Well, I've given it a shot, and just sent my answers to the e-mail on EM's site. I hope I'm at least 1/2 right!!! That was fun, thanks! :jumping:

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Well, you got one of the hidden pages, but you can find the second hidden one on the first hidden page.

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Ok-sent more info! Hopefully, it's right now. If not, I'm just going to shoot my computer and blame it on you!!! (Inducing stress during a game!) :wtf:

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