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Archaeology And Wierd --



ARCHAEOLOGY:Archaeologists in northwest China's Qinghai province claimed that a 5,000-year-old stone knife with designs of constellations...(more).WIERD:I have to wonder if this is real -- Chihuahua adopts chick


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I don't doub the chick thing one bit. I've seen many dogs and cats that will adopt the strangest things as their "babies". Especially female dogs. They will foster baby squirrels, raccons ...even pigs. I guess everybody needs somebody!!!

I can't load the knife thing because it says I need to download Chinese text support. If I do that, will it lower my RAM at all? I need all the RAM I can get!! :wtf: (Seriously)

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Don't know about the Chinese site. I linked to it from the Coast-to-Coast AM website news links and it said English version when it came up. I presumed the link was to an English page and didn't require a translator of any kind. I'll try to copy the photo off the site and post in the blog so you can see "knife." I'll also post the text if I can download a copy of it. The text isn't very long and really doesn't say a whole lot more than the snippet I put in the original post.

I did all this from work this morning using a hi-speed connection and large, fast PC. Won't try it from home on my dial-up, old, slooooow model.

Check back tomorrow.

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