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I Will Be Busy Soon



I watched some Western called LUST FOR GOLD tonight (more on ti when I write the review next week). I have two DVDs on the wya soon. Another one is hopefully on the way too. Then I have three DVDs screaming for my attention which I have bought used (actually I trade 4 DVDs for two of them and bought the third one). I watched TAKING LIVES son Suunday. it starred the always fascinating Angelina Jolie. She might be neat to have as a friend, but I would never want to fall in love with her and marry her.


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Why not Angelina? Because she's a little weird, or cuz she'd tear your heart out and eat it?? :cry::bigsmile:

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Is the "Lust for Gold" DVD the 1949 movie with Glenn Ford about the Lost Dutchman Mine?

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Yes, it is, SouthernCelt. I have a DVD Review to write of that movie. It comes to DVD on April 5th with some other Glenn Ford movies making their way to DVD like The Desperados (1943 version), Jubal (which I will be watching and reviewing), and The Violent Men.

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blondton13, Angelina has a history of two short marriages, relationships with her co-stars (look at the headlines about her and Brad Pitt (shame on you, Angelina)), and other issues (probably to do with her fatehr being Jon Voight).

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