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Some Random Stuff About Me!



Kind of bored, so I thought I'd write down some random facts about who I am...-I was a seventh grade science teacher for a year-boy, that's a hard job!-Even though I was a tomboy growing up, I now collect Barbies. (Barbies, of all things?!)-I own three cats, three lizards, a tarantula, a giant millipede, a Siamese Fighting Fish, and an 11 year old!-I almost became a cop in San Bernadino, Ca. I passed the written & oral tests, then got cold feet because I didn't think I had the right temprament; I would have to say I was correct on that, because I would kill child molesters and wife beaters!:)-I am technically an orphan-both parents are dead and I am an only child. :cry: -I love to read true crime & horror novels, and I LOVE The Far Side .-I adore the Scorpions and Limp Biskit.-I collect insects. (Eww, gross!)-I've been married once, and I don't think I'll do it again. I am relieved, however, to find out that you can still get those great electrical sparks from crushes at any age! :gaba: -I have an extremely crude sense of humor, but I usually only share it with my close friends.-Though I may seem callous, I would do anything for those I care about.-I smoke,and I hate it, but I hate it more when people give me crap about it! :smokin: -I have a strong secret desire to be liked by everyone, even if I don't like them.(What's up with that??)-I love to draw, but I usually have artist's block.-I can start a fire, catch a fish, change the oil and air filter in my car, & hook up a VCR, but I can't sew a stupid button on a shirt!-I am very patriotic (both parents were military) but I don't believe in wars fought for politics and money.-I believe in women's choice, gay marriage, and capital punishment, but don't believe in God. I do respect other people's beliefs even if they are not my own.-I love to eat, and I don't have to worry about my weight (yet), but I hate to cook, and I hate the whole diet thing. Fake sugar tastes nasty! -I think my freshly shaved legs are really sexy!! :devil: -I have four tattoos: two tribal cats, a tribal sun, and an orobouros!-I enjoy a little bit of pornography-watching it, not making it! :rofl: -I would rather live in California or Germany.-I think the movies "Idle Hands" and "Starship Troopers" were extremely underrated.-The James Herriot books about a Yorkshire vet are the funniest and most touching books I ever read!-I used to be really smart, but I don't know what happened.-I'm really bored right now!OK, enough about me for one night!!! :wtf: :mabiuswoz'ere:


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-Even though I was a tomboy growing up, I now collect Barbies. (Barbies, of all things?!)

You might enjoy reading today's geographically-customized jokes on the Rock103 web site: Barbie Jokes

As they say in the intro, you'll probably get the jokes even though you may not be familiar with the Memphis, TN metro area communities being characterized... :bigsmile: You'll certainly come away with an understanding of the how the communities are stereotyped.

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I can't get the download of the picture of you and your daughter to download.

That's odd...I just checked it. It pulls up a separate page that comes right up. It's titled "Alavert Wherever you Are"....the Alavert peeps took it as a promotion. Try it again..if not I will e-mail the link directly.

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Brilliant post!  :clapping:  :grouphug:

Why, thank you!!!! That means alot, Old Man!! :jumping:

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