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Watched "viva La Bam" 1st Season



Watched the first season of Viva La Bam tonight-got the DVD from a used book store for $15 bucks. So freakin' hilarious!! Sometimes I think my brain is semi-retarded because I enjoy watching these guys farting, destroying stuff, and making each other puke while Bam put his parents through hell. Of course, they are paid well. But I totally enjoy this show(spin-off from Jackass on MTV, for those unfamiliar). Is there anyone else out there that finds this type of crude potty humor so funny, or is it just me and a bunch of 15-18 year olds??? I swear I laugh so much my throat gets raw! :grin: Ah, well...to each his own, I guess! :fool: blog-737-1111297207_thumb.jpgBam_logo.bmp


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