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Ever Have One Of Those Days...

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...when the anticipation of all you have to do over the coming weekend just makes you want to crawl in a hole somewhere? This weekend I've got to help with a clean-up in a cemetery, attend the memorial service that will take place after we finish the clean-up, do the draft of a newsletter that I've committed to start for a historical society, do likewise on getting a web site put together so the society's honchos can decide if they like it, and try to get as much as possible done toward finishing a PowerPoint presentation that I have to give in two weeks. On top of all that I've got yard work at home that I need to at least make a stab at.Been pretty stressed this morning, then I really get pissed :angryred: when I see the following internet news story:6 Wild Horses Sold by U.S. End Up at a Slaughterhouse. Makes me want to "get medieval on...," well, you know the rest.

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That really blows about the horses-dude said he was going to use them "for troubled youth"-what a crock....do they get good money for sending them to slaughter? That just sucks.

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