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Chaos, Chaos, Etc.



I will be glad when it's Monday and I have a full week again. Photos to take. Two movies to see. 4-5 DVDs to watch. A couple of new DVD Reviews are up at the web site: http://enterline2.tripod.comYou can scroll down to the bottom of the first page to see what DVD Reviews are coming soon. Also two movie reviews will be coming next week. Have a good week, everyone. Spread the word about my web site if you think of any way to do it.


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Have you ever done the review on the old Glenn Ford movie about the Lost Dutchman mine? Haven't noticed anything on your site.

Just curious -- how do you like Tripod as a site host? Do you use a free or pay service?

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You mean this DVD Review:


Free hosting for my site. I should get a domain name later this year. Tripod isn't bad most of the time. At least it isn't like fortunecity.com that lost my user account after several times of being unable to access the user account for the web page that I have over there (the web page is still over there aka Sci-Fi Fusion and the original Enterline Media site). After they lost my account for my free site, I went over to tripod.

I had to start an additional Enterline Media site after I couldn't edit the old one further for a few weeks. So that one became an archive site: https://enterline2.tripod.com/enterline and the main site became https://enterline2.tripod.com and my site for reviews of episodes of Andromeda is at https://enterline2.tripod.com/andromeda (I have been behind on reviews of this season's episodes because some of the episodes were very bad and I was more interested in writing DVD Reviews)

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Thanks, voidprime.

I guess I overlooked the review my last time over there. (Couldn't remember the name of the movie for one thing) BTW, in the movie the character name may be Jacob Walsh, but the name in real life was Jacob Waltz (spelled like the dance). A lot of immigrants in the 19th century changed their names to a pronunciation more compatible with how most people pronounced it anyway, so maybe that happened with him.

Thanks for the info on Tripod, never heard of fortunecity though. I currently use Yahoo!Geocities for a site I do for an organization (who doesn't want to pay for hosting). I've got another organization I want to start a site for but I'm tending to want to go with a unique URL and a larger site than what most of the free hosts allow. Still checking them out...

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I will probably still use tripod for free hosting since I only use less than five percent of the 1 GB bandwith (it is 500 MB bandwith for those who have new user accounts for free sites now) that is allowed for each month. So all I have to do is pay for a domain name.

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