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An 80 Lb Snake And Other Stuff!



Had a busy couple of weeks!! :jumping: Last week was the final day of my homeschool group..we've been discussing The Lorax and the conservation issues surrounding this Dr. Suess classic. I saw these kids twice a month for the last three months and I must say I miss the little crumb- snatchers! Here's a pic of my class in front of the "Lorax" mural we created during the course of the class!blog-737-1115173408_thumb.jpg blog-737-1115173288_thumb.jpg This weekend I worked a park celebration that had over 1100 attendees! Needless to say, that was a busy tiring day. On Sunday, I spent most of the day exploring the Reptile and Exotic Animal Show at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. Interesting stuff as well as a great place to people watch! Exotic animal lovers are quite a motley bunch!! :grin: Had a picture taken with an 80 pound snake around my neck-God! That thing was heavy! Check it out.....blog-737-1115160814_thumb.jpgblog-737-1115160847_thumb.jpgThe pictures were hosted by Roark's Animal Safari - this guy is great! Equivalent to an American Steve Erwin (by crikey, what a beaut!! :tongue: ); he's appeared on Animal Planet as well as other shows.....you should take a look at his website: Roark's Animal SafariAnyway, more blabbering later....I have to attend to the spawn of Satan. :gaba: What? You didn't know??? I have literally given birth to a child of the devil!!! :devil: Parenting is such an enjoyable pasttime-I recommend it to everyone, especially my worst enemies!!! LOL!! :wtf:


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My God! You are a 1000% braver than me! There is something oddly exciting about that picture!

God I hate that spider though!

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...There is something oddly exciting about that picture!...

Yes, Gra, I think I see why you say that...hmmmmm.

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Well, you posted that you never seemed to get any comments. Aren't "nutty" ones better than none? :gaba: :grin:

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Well, you posted that you never seemed to get any comments.  Aren't "nutty" ones better than none? :gaba:  :grin:

Tis true!! I did!! So, yeas, thanks for the crazy comments!! LOL :clapping: :grin:

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