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Such A Lovely Girl, My Shelby!



I realized that I have spent a lot of time complaining about many of the bad things that my daughter does, and have not shared the positive aspects of who she is. Well, I'm doing that now!Shelby is very smart. She always gets excellent grades in school, and she is actually in an advanced reading class. She reads all of the time~just like Mom, she has about 4 different books going at once. When we hop into the car to go somewhere, she takes about 5 books with her "just in case." hahaShe loves animals, and always trys to bring a stray cat or two home just as I did as a child. I hate saying no, but we already have three, and it's hard enough to keep up with those! Something that tells me she is special is that our Siamese Cleo always chooses to sleep with her~Siamese cats are very finicky and will not tolerate anything unless they find it favorable in some way. As soon as Shelby is off to bed, Cleo hops up with her and knows it's her bedtime, too. Shelby is very active and loves to compete in sports and competitions at school. She has won the Presidential Academic Fitness Award three years in a row, and she always qualifies for the multi-school competitions. Though this year, she didn't place in the top three which left her feeling badly. I told her just qualifying to get to that point is an achievement in itself.Though her and I have difficulties, every parent whose house she has stayed at always comments on how well-behaved and thoughtful she is. She goes out of her way to be nice to everyone, and tends to watch over those children that are smaller and/or weaker than others.One time at school she had a problem with a boy in her class saying obscene and inappropriate things to her, and she didn't hestitate to inform me immmediately of her concerns. That takes some guts!The other night, she went on a night hike with me at work with a class, and I found a firefly larvae~which glows in the dark~and the kids were totally impressed. Shelby grabbed my arm and said "I'm glad your my mom. You're so cool." That was awesome! And even though she's gotten a bit girly about holding the odd critters that mom likes to bring home, she held that little "wiggly" thing all the way home~almost crying because it grossed her out, but holding it nonetheless!So I guess she's not so bad after all! Here's a pic she took the other day of us together~it's mostly of her~and that's okay! This entry is for her! I love you Shelby!!!blog-737-1115552377_thumb.jpg


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Thanks RavenWolf-I'm sure she'd be happy to hear that~she has some insecurities as I did when I was younger. And as for my pets~ I need to add some more pics when I have the time as I procured another spider and some other creepy crawlies at the last Exotic Animal show we just had! :grin:

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Shelby rocks! :clapping:

I'll definitely tell her that! She'll think you're cool!! haha :rofl:

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