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Oliver Stone's Alexander

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I haven't seen Alexander, but I have to comment on the upcoming DVD Release. In the USA, it will be released in Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut versions. This all stems from Greeks and gay people who complained about Mr. Stone making Alexander bisexual. So he did a shorter Director's Cut (referred to on the cover art as a faster paced version). Shouldn't they refer to the different DVD versions as gay version and less gay version? :fool: Or maybe they should call it Sucky version and hopefully less suckey version.Thoughts anyone? Harmless funny comments? Dangerous bits of humor commenting on this?

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Pretty good rejoinders...maybe you should be writing for the "Tonight Show" or Letterman....

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Gay and less gay!! HAHAHA I'm not sexually prejudiced~but that's funny!!! I don't know if gay people will find it funny, but I like humor that is equally offensive...I think everyone should be laughed at one time or another!! :fool:

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