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Not Much For Birthday Cards



I just haven't sent a brithday card to anyone in years. It just is that I'm not really close to anyone. Also I'm not good at getting birthday presents. just a flaw. It is my Dad's birthday today. He turned 58. I do wish I could have gotten him something for his birthday, but I didn't have a good clue. His new wife mentioned if I got him a birthday card and she rattled off at me when I said I didn't. I haven't gotten him a card in years. I was thinking more of what I could get him and the week was a disaster which didn't help me at all.However, I am better at getting Christmas cards out and sometimes a Christmas present.


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Guest blondton13


What's your dad's favorite food? Take him some. Does he have movies he really likes? Get him a copy of something he doesn't have. Does he garden? Get him a new plant. I know it seems frivolous, but we all appreciate little gifts that say, "Hey, I care about you." Tell him, hey dad-this is just a belated B-day-gift...I love you. Might seem corny-but as a parent~I can say we appreciate the efforts our kids make to show they care. No matter what age. So do it, David!!! :jumping:

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Guest SouthernCelt


As a 58 year old already myself, with two sons, even a phone call just to say happy birthday is appreciated. If you do nothing at all and just use a major holiday like Christmas to make contact, it just isn't the same.

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Let's just say my Dad and I don't meet eye to eye on many things. I have just never been great with birthdays for years and I am even disppointed with my own birthday.

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