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A Headline You Don't See Everyday...



:gaba: I've heard of guys and gals that had physical attributes that were said to "stop traffic" but I never heard of something closing down a whole interstate highway...:nope:Florida Interstate Closed Over 'Penis'Suspicious package was fake foot-long plastic penis :eyes:If it was a foot long and not attached to a body, I hope it was fake!!!


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That was too funny! Where do you find this stuff?? I need to read more of this, instead of being miserable over life's little difficulties! Thanks!! haha :grin:

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Some, like this one, I get from some "headline news" sites I vist at least briefly each day (like Yahoo Odd News). Other I get from e-mails from friends who do the same with other sites. My younger son is usually good for at least one off-beat story a week.

This one was linked on the Drudge Report (sort of unusual for that site).

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