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Memorial Day Weekend



My weekend went much better than anticipated! Yeah!! :fool: Went out with a friend and her boyfriend Saturday night, and I got to dance~nothing makes me happier!! Also spent a day doing the girl "thang"~having coffee, shopping, and generally shooting the shit for hours on end...that was great as I don't get to do that too often as well. So. overall, my first weekend by myself went great, and I am pleased. Goodness, I worry too much! :grin: The house is so quiet and clean without an 11 year old here. I feel a bit guilty actually enjoying it, but I know I need the break. This morning was the first time I have turned the TV on in four days~just the quiet or music has been sufficient for me. Nice....ahhh! I did watch "Suspect Zero" not long ago, as the movies I rented are due back tomorrow. It was decent. There is a person or two from the my space site that I would like to be able to meet and have coffee or whatever with (don't read into that!), but I'm a bit reluctant after the escapade with the Irish guy. Now is the perfect opportunity to meet people and keep it between adults (in other words not involve my daughter at this point unless something more solid is established), yet I still feel a little vulnerable after things just went to hell in such a short period of time and for reasons I still don't quite comprehend. I know that meeting people is like a crap shoot, and in order to be successful I may have to go through a bit of bad luck before possibly finding someone decent. Easier said than done!! And I know I may not find exactly what I'm looking for, but I may make some good friends along the way. Boy, college was definitely a lot easier than this!! :wtf: Awww-just talked to my daughter on the phone-now I miss her immensely. I'm such a big baby! :cry:


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