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Guest blondton13


Well, not that this counts for much, David~but I am here everyday~I read this post a couple of days ago, but was in a hurry. Southern Celt is here everyday as well. We are here~just plodding thorugh! :fool:

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Always read the Blogs when I can!

I am here too.

I am in the third day of a migrain and I am laying in the dark, on my bed and wishing that the pain would stop. My neighbor looked at me and said i had dark circles under my eyes, (blood in the sinus cavitys) and I have one more day of vacation to deal with this then back to work on Monday. Got more done in the first three days than I did in the last three- that sucks. Just glad that I didn't spend money to go anywhere and end up laying with a wet towel over my face for the three days...


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